Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 11

This last Monday, we had a Mission Conference with Elder Carlos Godoy and Elder David Evans of the Seventy, so P-day is today. Anyway, here's me email from last week October 31st:

Holloween is actually kind of normal here. It's called Halloween, and I've actually seen a few people walking around in costumes. I don't think trick-or-treating is very big though. It just looks like a bunch of youth parties, church activities, normal parties, and wierd single ladies. Dallin and lars have always wanted difficult costumes. Too bad Goku never worked out, it's a pretty simple actually. I enjoyed seeing the ward photos. Some of the costumes were pretty funny. Rylee's too. I was quite surprised that she wanted to be a warrior, but I can see how being a princess each year could get boring.

Sweet deal that everyone finally got their drivers licenses. Is there going to be much of a problem with 2 drivers and 1 car? I can't imagine Shaini will want to drive to many dates, usually girls like to be driven, though Stephanie liked to drive every now and then. I think it's because she thinks her car is cooler since it has a name.

I'm dying to know how Lars likes wrestling.

The Portuguêse is coming along a lot better now. I've had several dreams the last few weeks where I speak more Portuguêse. It definitely feels like it comes and goes sometimes. I still have a harder time understanding than actually speaking. Some lessons, I understand just about everything they say, and others I can barely understand. Lots of people seem surprised when I say I've only had about 3 months in Brasil, so that's good. The other Elders say that my accent is better than other Elders who have had a lot more time than I have. Portuguêse isn't my huge concern anymore. Now, it's just finding people who sincerely want the Gospel. We had all of our baptismal dates fall through since no one will go to church. Either they work, or they say they'll go, but when we show up to pick them up, they don't answer the door. It's really frustrating, but we have a few other investigators now that I think actually want something more in their lives. Though, we had an investigator who was progressing quite well, but had her member roommate call us to tell us she was feeling stressed about her baptism and didn't want it anymore. That was the worste thing to happen to us this week. It was really dissappointing.

This Wednesday we have transfers. It'll be my 3rd transfer (already). The last two I've had the same companion since he's training me. We have no idea what'll gonna happen now. I'm hoping my companion stays. He eats my food and never helps clean the house and has a lot to learn, but he does have a lot of strengths I don't, one of which is being able to be really personable with everyone. I'm pretty friendly, but right now, I don't know how to really talk very freindly with people. Also, a lot of my humor is getting thrown out the window. No one understands my sarcasm at all; they all take it so literally. My teacher at the MTC warned us that Brasilians don't really understand sarcasm. Anyway, he's the reason a lot of our investigators still like to have us over. When I've been there with other Elders, it's really hard to keep the conversation going for me.

Here are my funny stories this week:
I saw an old hobo sitting on the street trying to stand up, but couldn't so I thought "Let's be missionaries" and we helped him up. He said thank you a lot then kissed my on my right peck and hobbled off across the street. About 1 minute later, we spotted him passed out on the other side of the street. It was pretty obvious that he was drunk when we helped him up, but when we saw him back on the ground completely unconscious, that sealed it.
Today I had some chicken hearts at lunch. They're pretty dang good actually. They tasted like chicken. Funny how that always works out.
The last few days have been the hottest days of my life. It's been about 90 - 100 degrees out, but with the humidity, it's worse. I have some sick dirt lines from where my backpack straps are. We walk all over too. I think we probably walked about 7 miles the other day while it was super hot. I could hardly believe I didn't pass out. The best part though, is that it only gets hotter from here until about February.
I also saw a huge flock of pigeons on the street and so I decided to scare them all off for some fun, but what I didn't realize was there was a hobo in the shadows that apparently doesn't like it when you scare his birds off. He got really mad at me, and I was was worried he was going to try and attack me from the way he yelled.

Anyway, that's about it.

Woa, newsflash! We just got a call from the assistants and I'm getting transferred! Pretty random. I don't know anything about my new area or my companion, but I'm leaving. It's kind of sad, I like the ward a lot and have a few investigators I was hoping to see baptized. Exciting that I get to see Elder Larson at the mission office though.

Alright, that's it for this week. Talk to you guys next week.

Elder Candland

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