Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 16

There's a lot going on it sounds like. It's cool that Adam can teach people Portuguese.

I guess I hadn't mentioned, It's snowing. We got a foot of it the other day, but it's different. It's what believe it's what snowboarders refer to as champagne snow. It's super powdery. This morning I took a cup of piping hot water, and tossed the water in the air and saw it turn to snow. That was cool :)

So I've noticed that there tend to be a lot of older lady's that like to do a lot of talking. We had dinner with one this week, but she didn't just let her mouth run, said some profound things. She talked about how the Prophets aren't perfect so we shouldn't expect them to be. She also talked about the analogy of the red ball in 'Shaken Faith Syndrome'. She pretty much taught us the lesson that night.

It's good to hear an experienced Elder teach. We went on trade offs this week, and I got paired with our district leader. We had a lesson with an investigator who is atheist/agnostic and from our visits before I knew he was going to ask some challenging questions. I took a lot of mental notes on how Elder Bass responded to the questions he had. He had so many, we practically taught the Plan of Salvation.

Our ward has a Christmas party this Friday. They had robes, and stuff where people could dress like they were in Bethlehem. In the gym they had stands set up where it looked like you were in the market, and People brought dried fruits, dates, bread, cactus, papaya, and some other fun stuff to try out. Then Elder Bell took part in the children's nativity, he was Samuel the Lamanite. Instead of shooting arrows, the kids threw crumpled us pieces of paper at him, but they were actually hitting him.

Right now we're teaching a guy who's dating a less active member, so we're giving him the discussions. Right now his main problem is our claim that we are the only true complete church to him sounds like we're telling other church'es that they are wrong. Which I thought was kinda funny because the church he goes to doesn't claim to be the true church, so I guess for some people that would make it true & that our church isn't true because we say that it is. We're sure he'll come around eventually.

I hope you guys enjoy the Holiday season, and that you aren't getting too stressed. Also that Adam does well with his History final.

Love you guys,
Elder Candland

December 9

Yes we're getting snow. And it's only getting colder It got to 11degrees one day. And it's not like Washington where the air is dry. It's still kinda humid, which means we get cold the instant we walk outside.

Elder Palmer and I had a finding miracle this past week. It was one of the coldest day's we've had finding. We knocked into a home where the owner would've invited us in, but his wife was sleeping, so he told us to come back in 30-60 minutes. So we went knocking it little longer and came back, and the owner had us come in. It turns out he had actually had a thought come into his mind that morning that we'd be coming, and his wife has a brother that is serving a mission in Vegas. From our conversation with them we could tell they didn't know much about the church, but the husband had been thinking that he needs to make some changes in his life. We're planning to see them this Wednesday at dinner. I'm hoping all goes well with that.

We had trade offs this week. I got paired with a fresh new Elder from Canada. He doesn't have an accent. But what's funny is his companion, during the pledge he'll tell him "Put your hand over heart!" "Good, now say the Pledge of Allegiance!" Then he'll say "I don't know the words."

K, my companion & the Other Elders are telling me to hurry up. We're still trying to make time today to go to Brawners (Bronners?) It's apparently the worlds largest Christmas store. I'm excited :) I'll take pictures.

Also we got haircuts this morning

Elder Candland

December 2

It's going to take time for sure to get to know all the members. There are still family's in the ward I haven't had appointments yet. But the more I get to know the people, the more welcome I feel.

A couple days ago we door-knocked into some crazy liberal. When we told him who we were, he affiliated us with some guy in Texas who apparently committed rape or something, Warren Jeff. We told him that he's not affiliated with us, that he's from the FLDS church. He wouldn't have it, he told us it's still part of your religion. Then he got into a big thing with telling us how much he know about politics, and was convinced he knew more about our religion than we did. Then he told us we are very closed minded. But saying that all religion is the same and is bad, we figured he was more close minded than anything. After about a half hour we walked off and told him "Have a nice day."

Wednesday we went on Blitz with the Zone Leaders. They're both awesome, Elder Mc.Graw especially. He's the most genuinely loving Elder I've met, and is always willing to put forth his best work. There's a lot I could learn from serving with him, and there was some things I did learn from the few hours we worked together.

SO Thanksgiving. Our Mission President told us that we should proselyte that day. In our minds we thought, everyone we meet is going to hate the Missionaries for disturbing them when they're trying to prepare for their Thanksgiving, or watching to turkey-bowl. The roads were Icy so we couldn't ride bikes. (We're supposed to get a call from one of the Mission Leaders to tell us to stop, but it hasn't come yet.) So we walked in the snow to get to some streets. And to our surprise just about everyone was happy talking to us. And we actually had a couple people interested in having us come back.
For the 1st course [2:00] we went to a Mexican family who fed us a pretty good thanksgiving. Not everything was homemade but I enjoyed it. For the 2nd course [4:00] we went to a family that loves to feed the missionaries. I had a hard time eating much, so they sent us home with plenty of leftovers, which I'm grateful for, means I can spend less money grocery shopping. And we enjoyed our time there, the couple is fun when you get a chance to talk with them.

Sorry I didn't get a picture yet. But we are getting haircuts today, and I'm planning to use my companions camera to take the picture. For a christmas tree here, we have a felt Christmas tree we have on our wall, Elder Palmer got. Also I noticed a tiny Christmas tree in our laundry/microwave room.

Love you guys, enjoy the holiday season.
Elder Candland