Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 16

There's a lot going on it sounds like. It's cool that Adam can teach people Portuguese.

I guess I hadn't mentioned, It's snowing. We got a foot of it the other day, but it's different. It's what believe it's what snowboarders refer to as champagne snow. It's super powdery. This morning I took a cup of piping hot water, and tossed the water in the air and saw it turn to snow. That was cool :)

So I've noticed that there tend to be a lot of older lady's that like to do a lot of talking. We had dinner with one this week, but she didn't just let her mouth run, said some profound things. She talked about how the Prophets aren't perfect so we shouldn't expect them to be. She also talked about the analogy of the red ball in 'Shaken Faith Syndrome'. She pretty much taught us the lesson that night.

It's good to hear an experienced Elder teach. We went on trade offs this week, and I got paired with our district leader. We had a lesson with an investigator who is atheist/agnostic and from our visits before I knew he was going to ask some challenging questions. I took a lot of mental notes on how Elder Bass responded to the questions he had. He had so many, we practically taught the Plan of Salvation.

Our ward has a Christmas party this Friday. They had robes, and stuff where people could dress like they were in Bethlehem. In the gym they had stands set up where it looked like you were in the market, and People brought dried fruits, dates, bread, cactus, papaya, and some other fun stuff to try out. Then Elder Bell took part in the children's nativity, he was Samuel the Lamanite. Instead of shooting arrows, the kids threw crumpled us pieces of paper at him, but they were actually hitting him.

Right now we're teaching a guy who's dating a less active member, so we're giving him the discussions. Right now his main problem is our claim that we are the only true complete church to him sounds like we're telling other church'es that they are wrong. Which I thought was kinda funny because the church he goes to doesn't claim to be the true church, so I guess for some people that would make it true & that our church isn't true because we say that it is. We're sure he'll come around eventually.

I hope you guys enjoy the Holiday season, and that you aren't getting too stressed. Also that Adam does well with his History final.

Love you guys,
Elder Candland

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