Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December 30

Congradulations Hermana Shaini Candland! I hope you've settled into the MTC schedule and that you're enjoying you're expirience there.

Christmas eve: That evening we went to a ward christmas party at a members home. It's was great, the food was great, we had white elephant gift exchange & we had a fun time.
Christmas Day: We opened our presents, and went to some members homes and got to play board games with them & play with their toys. Yep, that's pretty much it; we all got to talk to our families. Oh yeah, one more thing. that night we left our apt. without our keys. So after annoying our neighbors by ringing their doorbells & them ignoring us multiple times, we called our district leader, who called the zone leaders, then we got a call from the assistants, who said they'd give the Saginaw2 Elders & ask them to card the door to our apt. So we were able to sleep in our beds that night.

Preston got 2 new members in his ward both are between age 8-11. He also got to see Jacob Hill & Mercedes Thompson in Mesa.

...So one of the other Elders was just now on the computer here in the family history center, & someone just remotely moved the mouse & log him off. Most likely someone from the church needed something. It was still pretty weird though.

The investigator who's driveway we shoveled dropped us this week, because she felt that the Church doesn't appreciate women. If had thought about it then, I would've told her to look up the talk given by D. Todd Christofferson. But I sure there was a reason for why she dropped us.

On the bright side we picked up 2 new investigators. One we invited to look up the talk by Holland on depression. We're excited for both of them. They're not any of the finest investigators, but they're ones who if they receive a witness will be baptized for sure.

Sorry, I guess I didn't spend enough time writing about this week, and the Elders are all waiting on me to get lunch.

I hope this next week goes well for everyone!

Elder Candalnd

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