Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 6

I'll just say that new years day wasn't any different from any other day. (Nothing exciting happened) But I've excepted that holidays on my mission will be different from the ones at home, so I'm not disappointed. 

We have a new district leader, who's actually now serving in Saginaw2, so I get to see him more frequently. He was also in my district in the MTC, his name is Elder Rhodes (He's in 7/22/13 email, he's the one to the far left in the background.) He's a pretty cool guy. I can tell that he's still new to the calling, but once he settles in he's be a great district leader.

We need more people to teach! Right now we have only 2 investigators who have kept commitments we left with them. So this week we did lots of finding. In the past 3 days we went finding since we left the apartment, to when the sun went down. We got 130 'invitations to learn' this week, which is the record for me.

Friday was the coldest day I've ever bared. My breath got my scarf wet... then my scarf froze. I think it was between -2° & -9°. I feel tougher now |:)

This week we also got to visit one of the members, who I haven't met yet. He served his mission in California & was Cambodian seeking, which from the sounds of it is one of the most challenging languages. He's pretty awesome.

I'm glad to hear the MTC has been an awesome experience for you Hermana Candland, & hang in there with the language. President Hess told me that the opposite of faith is discouragement, so don't get discouraged, just keep moving forward.

I hope you all have a great week and happy hunger games :)

Elder Candland

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