Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 14

We drove by an apartment complex we hadn't been to, so we decide to go proselyte there. When we started we see an old man wave to us from his back door, so we talk to him, & he invited us inside. He told us this story about how his fiancĂ© took him to a party and he dumped her because she was drinking and doing other Christ like stuff. He also told us he did go to our branch. He asked for a Book of Mormon and then told us his name. Elder Oler had a red-flag pop up. His name is in our phone as Mike Bacon (anti do not answer) So Elder Oler made sure we got out of there fast, & explained that Mike was an excommunicated member who invites missionaries in his home, asks for Book of Mormons, & burns them.

My companions had an idea to go back & tell him we know who he is, & ask why he would burn book of Mormons. He told us his wife told him to, then one us pretty much called him to repentance. We told members of our experience, & found out he has harmed some missionaries, & that something is wrong with him mentally.
The other excommunicated member I've talked about, the one who's been coming to church, finally got baptized. Everything went well, except the water in the font was a greenish brown. This is the 2nd baptism I've attended as a missionary, and my 1st baptism for a returning member.

I hope everyone else is doing well, I miss all of you, and I keep you in my prayers as well.
Elder Candland
P.S. In a couple weeks I'll be giving a talk on Scripture Study in the branch. Which I'm excited about because I can learn how to have better study's.

October 7

We thought for sure Elder Oler was leaving this transfer, we heard they were going to break up all trio's. But as it turns out the 3 of us are all staying in the Ithica branch. I would've been happy with wherever they would've placed me, but at least now I get to continue to work with our investigators who are getting closer to baptism.
The one investigator who brought us to the non-denominational church came, with her daughter, to our branch this Sunday and watched the Sunday morning session with us. She said she wanted to applaud when each speaker was done. She's awesome; she's shown the most potential out of any of our investigators. She believes the book of Mormon to be true, and she wants to go to a church that is more reverent than hers.
This week we decided to go proselyting in town 20-30 minutes out of where we live, since nearly every street has been knocked here. There we met Tracy. When we introduced ourselves to Tracy she invited us inside, and we proceeded to give her the fist lesson. When we talked about the book of Mormon she told us she had been told that it was Satan's book, but that she wanted to know for herself if it was something she should read. And after praying she received an answer that she should. She also told us that she hadn't found the time to read it, so we invited her to read 3 Nephi 11. Before and after she offered a prayer she told us she could feel the spirit present, and I felt it too. We noticed as we were leaving the trailer home that Tracy was already reading! I don't think I've so far ever met someone as prepared as she was.

We tried visiting with her again, but unfortunately she wasn't home. Her husband was there, and he was nice to us, and told us that Tracy was in jail :/ She got caught driving with a suspended license, fortunately it's not like she committed a serious crime, so I'm sure we'll see her sometime soon.
I enjoyed conference, I was fortunate to see all sessions. The priesthood session was good. Monson was pretty comical when he talked about the bad home teacher. I also enjoyed Holland's talk on depression, and Uchtdorf's talk on staying active in the church. I think that one would be great for a lot of our investigators to hear. There was a lot that was mentioned, I would love to listen to them again sometime soon.
In one of my earlier email's I mentioned an investigator that went to college. Well she was in town for a bit so had a chance to meet with her again. We ate dinner with her at some pizza place, and so we didn't get a chance to teach her another lesson. From what it sounds like things are going good with her.
I hope everyone is doing well with work & school, and that you enjoy your week.
Elder Candland

September 30

This week we went to a non-denominational church. We have an investigator, who shows a lot of interest in our church, who made a deal with us that if we went to her church she'd come to ours. So she's coming to a session of general conference at church with us.
The church has it's similarities to ours, but overall it seemed a lot different. Before the service I noticed a few things, they have a cafĂ© in the building, there's a drum set & keyboard on the stands. And their podium's a little different, they carry a microphone, and they didn't have a box of tissues next to the podium. Also primary isn't called primary, it's called super church, and the room has a picture of Christ with a big SJC on his chest.

The talks they have I think are structured differently than ours. The theme they had was endurance, about how the adversary would try to make things difficult for us to endure, but that we should recognize that & not give in to temptation. Overall, the feelings that I took away from the meeting were how grateful I am to belong to the LDS church.
I forgot to mention last Sunday, the branch councilor & the elders corm president weren't at church, and the Branch President had to leave, so our senior companion, Elder Older, conducted the rest of the meeting.
This Sunday, was the primary kids program, which went well. That day we had a lot of people attend the meeting. Then during the 3rd hour, my companions and I were asked to talk a little about what kind of support we like to get from home.
We volunteered to play music for patients at the local hospital, so after church we met up at the hospital with a couple of girls from the young women to sing hymns with us, and a little guitar. Elder Oler & I didn't have a lot of time to prepare & were out of practice, so we only played a couple of songs on the guitar before we decided to go a-cappella. It was a good experience, there was a few people that actually mouthed some of the lyrics, and one old lady who was crying. We're going to start doing this every other Sunday.
Transfers are this weekend, and they say they're going to split up all the trios, so we're expecting Elder Oler to leave so it'll be just Elder Louis & I. Speaking of him, we're actually going to the fire dept. today and doing some firemen drills/ workouts & washing one of the tankers.
Have a great week, and I'll pray for shaini, I have high hopes that Nintendo will hire her. And I'll be excited to hear what she and Kelsey think of their temple experience.
Elder Candland

September 23

I did get both packages, thanks :) I was happy to get my coat, excited when I saw ipod and speakers!
My companions were happy for me. And speaking of which, I remember when Elder Louis first came to our place, he brought 3 full suitcases & 2 full boxes of stuff he got on his mission. He has so much stuff! He can afford a lot too since he's getting paid back home for being a fireman. I want to say he gets $5,000 a month.
I do remember shaini talking about watching power puff girls with Rye. That's neat, I'm sure she's having a lot of memories of that show come back to her. Yeah, hopefully she can get something to do for work.
On Pday we went bowling, Elder Oler took bowling class's, so of course he took first. Elder Louis took last & I was 2nd. For some reason I would get a strike pretty much every 2 or 3 rounds, and every other the ball went into the gutter.
We went to President Belles's house again this week. We had a small talent show there. I brought my chocolate chip cookies, Elder Oler named of the winners NBLA championchips of the past 20 years, and Elder Louis did that thing from Hawaii where they twirl a stick on fire.
We had trade off this week, which was also on the same day as my birthday. Elder Louis and I took one of the zone leaders back to our place for a day. We did service and got to wash a fire truck.
Then we had zone training, and that was pretty awesome. We had some great talks given by President Hess, Sister Hess, and the assistants.

Whenever I hear the missionaries talk about President Hess, it makes me love him more. He's a pretty awesome guy, I'll be sad when He leaves later this year.
At the end of my birthday, I decided to make cake in a cup, with what was available in the apartment. I don't think I remember the proportions that well, because the cake turned out as the same consistency as the plastic wrapped cheese (the plubber cheese). Elder Louis and Elder Web (the Zone leader) sung happy birthday to me and we ate one of the cakes, and decided that was enough. Then we played with the other cake and watched it bounce.

It's weird not being a teen anymore.

Well, I didn't plan to have anything fantastic for breakfast, because I didn't do any shopping ahead of time. But I thought about it, & we had the ingredients to make pancakes, and that sounded better than cheerios. So I fallowed a recipe that came from a cookbook in the apartment. And what I didn't realize was that the recipe said to put the pan cakes on a baking sheet in the oven, which explained why the recipe was weird. So we ended up with crepes, and we did have frozen strawberries & a bottle of whip cream, so it turned out better than I expected.
Good for Grandpa, I've been keeping him in my prayers as well as Grandma, so it's good to hear that he's doing well.
I am stoked for general conference! I'll be a lot more interested when watching it this year for sure, even though I don't get to stay home in my PJ's :)
Yeah, Dad mentioned you guys spending time with the Mounts, sounds fun. Austin and I have been talking to each other; we loved spending our summers together at Ensign ranch, we had a lot of memories there :)
And also, I mentioned this to Kortney, but we don't get Skype in this mission :/ I can only call you up on the phone. But like I told her I will send a picture of myself on that Day.
But, who knows. Maybe when we get our new Mission President, he'll allow it.

 Anyway, I hope you guys have a great week :) I'll keep you guys in my prayers, & I'll pray for Shaini to get a job soon.
K, I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Candland

September 16

It's starting to really cool down; I don't think we'll have any more blazing hot weather, not until next summer.
Last week we were looking over the area map to see where we should proselyte, without saying anything my companions had the same idea of going to an apartment complex. There was definitely some revelation there. We met 4 people who asked us to return, which was awesome. We hadn't had that many in that short of a time, or in one day.

Also while we were there, we talked to some guy at his door step, and I glance over & see some guy in a dark grim reaper cloak & a red devil mask. He took a few steps and stared at us. I didn't say anything, I pretended nothing happened and returned my attention to the man at the door. Then when we left, we talked about it. Elder Louis saw it, but unfortunately Elder Oler missed it. He was a little upset. We also met a man at a door who lifted his shirt up to show us his tattoo. We asked him what it was, and he explained that he worships Satan. He wasn't interested to say the least.

This week we had at the Branch President's home, finally. He's pretty busy, so I haven't had much of a chance to get to know his family. They're pretty awesome. All the kids love to talk, the parents are both awesome and love to talk to. They live on some nice property out in the middle of a corn field, so they do some farming. You'd like them mom :)
I'll keep praying for Grandpa, hopefully he'll keep progressing. I'll keep praying for you guys as well, hopefully Shaini makes enough money, and hopefully Adam does well at UVU. I'll pray for you and Dad as well. I'm sure you'll be busy even with 2 kids short, and 1 working.
Elder Candland