Sunday, October 20, 2013

September 16

It's starting to really cool down; I don't think we'll have any more blazing hot weather, not until next summer.
Last week we were looking over the area map to see where we should proselyte, without saying anything my companions had the same idea of going to an apartment complex. There was definitely some revelation there. We met 4 people who asked us to return, which was awesome. We hadn't had that many in that short of a time, or in one day.

Also while we were there, we talked to some guy at his door step, and I glance over & see some guy in a dark grim reaper cloak & a red devil mask. He took a few steps and stared at us. I didn't say anything, I pretended nothing happened and returned my attention to the man at the door. Then when we left, we talked about it. Elder Louis saw it, but unfortunately Elder Oler missed it. He was a little upset. We also met a man at a door who lifted his shirt up to show us his tattoo. We asked him what it was, and he explained that he worships Satan. He wasn't interested to say the least.

This week we had at the Branch President's home, finally. He's pretty busy, so I haven't had much of a chance to get to know his family. They're pretty awesome. All the kids love to talk, the parents are both awesome and love to talk to. They live on some nice property out in the middle of a corn field, so they do some farming. You'd like them mom :)
I'll keep praying for Grandpa, hopefully he'll keep progressing. I'll keep praying for you guys as well, hopefully Shaini makes enough money, and hopefully Adam does well at UVU. I'll pray for you and Dad as well. I'm sure you'll be busy even with 2 kids short, and 1 working.
Elder Candland

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