Sunday, October 20, 2013

September 23

I did get both packages, thanks :) I was happy to get my coat, excited when I saw ipod and speakers!
My companions were happy for me. And speaking of which, I remember when Elder Louis first came to our place, he brought 3 full suitcases & 2 full boxes of stuff he got on his mission. He has so much stuff! He can afford a lot too since he's getting paid back home for being a fireman. I want to say he gets $5,000 a month.
I do remember shaini talking about watching power puff girls with Rye. That's neat, I'm sure she's having a lot of memories of that show come back to her. Yeah, hopefully she can get something to do for work.
On Pday we went bowling, Elder Oler took bowling class's, so of course he took first. Elder Louis took last & I was 2nd. For some reason I would get a strike pretty much every 2 or 3 rounds, and every other the ball went into the gutter.
We went to President Belles's house again this week. We had a small talent show there. I brought my chocolate chip cookies, Elder Oler named of the winners NBLA championchips of the past 20 years, and Elder Louis did that thing from Hawaii where they twirl a stick on fire.
We had trade off this week, which was also on the same day as my birthday. Elder Louis and I took one of the zone leaders back to our place for a day. We did service and got to wash a fire truck.
Then we had zone training, and that was pretty awesome. We had some great talks given by President Hess, Sister Hess, and the assistants.

Whenever I hear the missionaries talk about President Hess, it makes me love him more. He's a pretty awesome guy, I'll be sad when He leaves later this year.
At the end of my birthday, I decided to make cake in a cup, with what was available in the apartment. I don't think I remember the proportions that well, because the cake turned out as the same consistency as the plastic wrapped cheese (the plubber cheese). Elder Louis and Elder Web (the Zone leader) sung happy birthday to me and we ate one of the cakes, and decided that was enough. Then we played with the other cake and watched it bounce.

It's weird not being a teen anymore.

Well, I didn't plan to have anything fantastic for breakfast, because I didn't do any shopping ahead of time. But I thought about it, & we had the ingredients to make pancakes, and that sounded better than cheerios. So I fallowed a recipe that came from a cookbook in the apartment. And what I didn't realize was that the recipe said to put the pan cakes on a baking sheet in the oven, which explained why the recipe was weird. So we ended up with crepes, and we did have frozen strawberries & a bottle of whip cream, so it turned out better than I expected.
Good for Grandpa, I've been keeping him in my prayers as well as Grandma, so it's good to hear that he's doing well.
I am stoked for general conference! I'll be a lot more interested when watching it this year for sure, even though I don't get to stay home in my PJ's :)
Yeah, Dad mentioned you guys spending time with the Mounts, sounds fun. Austin and I have been talking to each other; we loved spending our summers together at Ensign ranch, we had a lot of memories there :)
And also, I mentioned this to Kortney, but we don't get Skype in this mission :/ I can only call you up on the phone. But like I told her I will send a picture of myself on that Day.
But, who knows. Maybe when we get our new Mission President, he'll allow it.

 Anyway, I hope you guys have a great week :) I'll keep you guys in my prayers, & I'll pray for Shaini to get a job soon.
K, I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Candland

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