Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 7

We thought for sure Elder Oler was leaving this transfer, we heard they were going to break up all trio's. But as it turns out the 3 of us are all staying in the Ithica branch. I would've been happy with wherever they would've placed me, but at least now I get to continue to work with our investigators who are getting closer to baptism.
The one investigator who brought us to the non-denominational church came, with her daughter, to our branch this Sunday and watched the Sunday morning session with us. She said she wanted to applaud when each speaker was done. She's awesome; she's shown the most potential out of any of our investigators. She believes the book of Mormon to be true, and she wants to go to a church that is more reverent than hers.
This week we decided to go proselyting in town 20-30 minutes out of where we live, since nearly every street has been knocked here. There we met Tracy. When we introduced ourselves to Tracy she invited us inside, and we proceeded to give her the fist lesson. When we talked about the book of Mormon she told us she had been told that it was Satan's book, but that she wanted to know for herself if it was something she should read. And after praying she received an answer that she should. She also told us that she hadn't found the time to read it, so we invited her to read 3 Nephi 11. Before and after she offered a prayer she told us she could feel the spirit present, and I felt it too. We noticed as we were leaving the trailer home that Tracy was already reading! I don't think I've so far ever met someone as prepared as she was.

We tried visiting with her again, but unfortunately she wasn't home. Her husband was there, and he was nice to us, and told us that Tracy was in jail :/ She got caught driving with a suspended license, fortunately it's not like she committed a serious crime, so I'm sure we'll see her sometime soon.
I enjoyed conference, I was fortunate to see all sessions. The priesthood session was good. Monson was pretty comical when he talked about the bad home teacher. I also enjoyed Holland's talk on depression, and Uchtdorf's talk on staying active in the church. I think that one would be great for a lot of our investigators to hear. There was a lot that was mentioned, I would love to listen to them again sometime soon.
In one of my earlier email's I mentioned an investigator that went to college. Well she was in town for a bit so had a chance to meet with her again. We ate dinner with her at some pizza place, and so we didn't get a chance to teach her another lesson. From what it sounds like things are going good with her.
I hope everyone is doing well with work & school, and that you enjoy your week.
Elder Candland

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