Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 14

We drove by an apartment complex we hadn't been to, so we decide to go proselyte there. When we started we see an old man wave to us from his back door, so we talk to him, & he invited us inside. He told us this story about how his fiancĂ© took him to a party and he dumped her because she was drinking and doing other Christ like stuff. He also told us he did go to our branch. He asked for a Book of Mormon and then told us his name. Elder Oler had a red-flag pop up. His name is in our phone as Mike Bacon (anti do not answer) So Elder Oler made sure we got out of there fast, & explained that Mike was an excommunicated member who invites missionaries in his home, asks for Book of Mormons, & burns them.

My companions had an idea to go back & tell him we know who he is, & ask why he would burn book of Mormons. He told us his wife told him to, then one us pretty much called him to repentance. We told members of our experience, & found out he has harmed some missionaries, & that something is wrong with him mentally.
The other excommunicated member I've talked about, the one who's been coming to church, finally got baptized. Everything went well, except the water in the font was a greenish brown. This is the 2nd baptism I've attended as a missionary, and my 1st baptism for a returning member.

I hope everyone else is doing well, I miss all of you, and I keep you in my prayers as well.
Elder Candland
P.S. In a couple weeks I'll be giving a talk on Scripture Study in the branch. Which I'm excited about because I can learn how to have better study's.

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