Sunday, October 20, 2013

September 30

This week we went to a non-denominational church. We have an investigator, who shows a lot of interest in our church, who made a deal with us that if we went to her church she'd come to ours. So she's coming to a session of general conference at church with us.
The church has it's similarities to ours, but overall it seemed a lot different. Before the service I noticed a few things, they have a cafĂ© in the building, there's a drum set & keyboard on the stands. And their podium's a little different, they carry a microphone, and they didn't have a box of tissues next to the podium. Also primary isn't called primary, it's called super church, and the room has a picture of Christ with a big SJC on his chest.

The talks they have I think are structured differently than ours. The theme they had was endurance, about how the adversary would try to make things difficult for us to endure, but that we should recognize that & not give in to temptation. Overall, the feelings that I took away from the meeting were how grateful I am to belong to the LDS church.
I forgot to mention last Sunday, the branch councilor & the elders corm president weren't at church, and the Branch President had to leave, so our senior companion, Elder Older, conducted the rest of the meeting.
This Sunday, was the primary kids program, which went well. That day we had a lot of people attend the meeting. Then during the 3rd hour, my companions and I were asked to talk a little about what kind of support we like to get from home.
We volunteered to play music for patients at the local hospital, so after church we met up at the hospital with a couple of girls from the young women to sing hymns with us, and a little guitar. Elder Oler & I didn't have a lot of time to prepare & were out of practice, so we only played a couple of songs on the guitar before we decided to go a-cappella. It was a good experience, there was a few people that actually mouthed some of the lyrics, and one old lady who was crying. We're going to start doing this every other Sunday.
Transfers are this weekend, and they say they're going to split up all the trios, so we're expecting Elder Oler to leave so it'll be just Elder Louis & I. Speaking of him, we're actually going to the fire dept. today and doing some firemen drills/ workouts & washing one of the tankers.
Have a great week, and I'll pray for shaini, I have high hopes that Nintendo will hire her. And I'll be excited to hear what she and Kelsey think of their temple experience.
Elder Candland

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