Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 9

We do get thunder storms occasionally. They just come and go, it usually happens when it's dumping outside. There was one night we drove back to our house that we kept seeing a lot of flashes & maybe a couple lightning bolts.

I haven't been to the temple since before I left :( I wont get to go, unless a convert asks me to come. There isn't a temple in the area, the closest one is in Detroit. I would like to, but it may be a while.

During companion exchanges, Elder Louis & I ate at this famous bakery called Cops & Doughnuts. Their doughnuts are pretty amazing.

We also helped this guy there herd some cows. It was actually kinda fun. I didn't really get to pet a cow, cuz they'd always run away from you. I actually used my track skills so I could chase ahead of the small herd of cows and box them in towards the gate. It almost worked, but they didn't go were I has hoping they would.
During that transfer we also saw a lot of Amish. They dress like Amish, and they don't own anything that runs on electricity, but they do go shopping in town and eat at McDonald's. 

We just got haircuts again. I got mine shorter this time, I want it to last a little longer.

Elder Oler and I were in midland last week, and while we were there, Elder Oler got a T-shirt that says "don't kill my vibe" which is from some song. And I got a lion shirt, which I got in memory of Preston, because it's something he would wear.

Last week I forgot, but I wanted to congratulate Shaini on her calling. So congratulations Shaini, I hope you'll enjoy you're experience there, & that you'll get make bank working at Nintendo so you can pay for it.

Hope this school year starts off well, and that you enjoy all the constant activities!

Elder Candland

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