Monday, September 2, 2013

July 15

I'm doing laundry right now, so I have just enough time to send a quick message.
I've been learning a lot about becoming a missionary, there's a lot I didn't consider when I teach Investigators/less-active members.

We've had a lot of good speakers. Some were really funny, other's had great stories, & we had one talk given by a member of the 70, I could tell the talk was given by revelation, it taught me how I should be saying my prayers & listening to the spirit.

The Elders in my district are pretty funny.
Elder Raun is the giant in our group, he's very calm & mellow, but often he'll say something that makes our district laugh. His companion, Elder Wheelright, is mellow too, I think he has a minor disability based on the way he talks, but he can say some things that make us realize he's pretty smart.

Elder Olderoid is the shortest of our group, when he wants to be he can be a spaz, he can get us laughing by some of his comments & just some of the noises he makes & things he'll do. His companion, Elder Rhodes, people say they look very similar, like they could be cousins. He's a pretty nice guy, and he knows how to communicate well even though I don't hear him a whole lot. From the stories he's told us though, he's gotten himself in trouble.
Alright I'll get back to you in a sec, I'm pretty sure my laundry's done drying
K, I'm back. So I told you about everyone in our room. We're all in the same district, there is 6 of us including me and my companion. He's Elder Taylor, He's a very talkative guy, he thought it was funny when he welcomed new missionaries, cuz he would raise his hands and yell "Welcome To The MTC!" He's also pretty athletic, he's done a lot of sports. He's also kinda odd. He's raised on a farm, I think, because he raised horses & so he knows a lot about them. He also had a mullet before he became a missionary. And he does one of the best Gollum impersonations I've ever heard.
So that's who my friends are in the MTC. We'll be leaving the MTC 3:30 AM Wed morning, and we'll be on the plane by 7:30 AM
I'll talk to you then.
Elder [Dallin] Candland

The picture is my district in the MTC. The Elder sticking his tongue out is my old companion.  Elder Raun (dark blue PJ's) brought those PJ's, we call them flying squirrel suits, and our district thought they were awesome. So his mom was really nice and asked Elder Raun for measurements from everyone in that picture. And then less than a week later we all got squirrel suits!

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