Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3

Since yesterday was labor-day the library was closed, so my companions and I are emailing now.
We drove into Lansing to drop off Elder Lutz at the mission home, and on the way we stopped by this place called the MBC and got some gourmet burgers.

Afterward, Elder Older introduced me to some of his favorite people that he knew from when he served there. One of them lives in the same ward as the Allan's when they lived there. Then a bunch of missionaries came to Lansing to do trade offs and we picked up Elder Louis and brought him back to our home.

He said he was sick, so for a few days we stayed nearly the whole day in the house.

When Elder Louis settled into the area, and felt comfortable we moved back into our regular schedule.
I guess I'm known by the other missionaries as the cook. I bake cookies a lot, it's a good way get people to like the missionaries. And also I made french toast one day.

On P-day we went to a member's home and showed Elder Louis the fire trucks at the station. So that was fun I think, I'm sure elder Louis enjoyed it.

Now that the school year is starting we're probably going to see a lot of college students. We actually found a few already door knocking. They're so easy to talk to, especially that Asian kid. He was very nice & honest about himself, but unfortunately he wasn't interested in having us come back, which was a bummer. Asians are always awesome, they're always open to listening, and most times they've said they're interested to having the discussions.

My favorite scripture is Alma 37:6 There was a scripture that Adam showed me that's similar to this one. I think he even suggested it as my plaque scripture. If he remembers that one I'd like to hear it, and I may even use it.

Alright, last thing worth mentioning. Elder Louis is a decent beat-boxer and can rap some. Him and his last companion made this awesome rap about missionary work; Elder Louis rapped while his companion beat-boxed. He showed it to me on his camera.

K, see you later. Love,
Elder D. Candland

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