Monday, September 2, 2013

August 5

Dang, sounds like you guys had fun, unfortunately the only time I wake up at night is when I have to pull the covers over the sheets cuz the A.C. makes the room so cold. So far I haven't experienced getting dripped on over night.

During our today we went Golfing. I think Michigan is the perfect place to go golfing. It's mostly plains with bumps and small hills, and it's got tree's that are spreed out. We did it early in the morning, so it was slightly foggy, the sun was coming up, and there was dew on the grass, It was pretty.

Here's a couple of pics. the 1st is a picture of Elder Lutz, holding a picture of me, holding a picture of Elder Lutz, holding a picture of me, holding a picture of Elder Luts.

The 2nd is our studying place. It's gotten pretty cluttered, I still haven't figured out where a good place would be to put all my stuff.

I think I'm getting used to missionary routine even more, compared to the last two weeks, this week has slowed down. In a good way though, I don't feel too overwhelmed any more. I'm getting comfortable with the area.
There have been so many people who don't give us an opportunity to explain who we are, they usually tells us, "we already go to church." or just say "not interested." We had one person who opened a door and closed it without saying anything.
A lot of people here are interesting. We went to the trailer park yesterday, and met one lady who didn't have any idea to stop talking. She was talking about how her trash can fall and injured her, or how she can't trust her neighbors cuz they stole some of her stuff, or how she thought some people in the park were aliens, and something about Obama. I can't remember everything, but whenever our senior companion took that a split second opportunity to say something, she would just keep rambling. Eventually we started walking away from her and said "Well have a good night" but that didn't stop her. I can't remember how the monologue discussion ended, but the Elders & I, and someone from across the street thought it was pretty funny.
There are people here though with better sense. We had the opportunity to help this old lady do yard work for a couple hours. She only knows the Mormons from BYU TV. It was a good expirience, It left a good impression on her, and we ate lunch outside, so we got to talk to her for a bit, she seemed really nice.
Alright, I think my companions are ready for lunch, I am too. So I'll wrap it up. I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Candland

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