Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 9

Yes we're getting snow. And it's only getting colder It got to 11degrees one day. And it's not like Washington where the air is dry. It's still kinda humid, which means we get cold the instant we walk outside.

Elder Palmer and I had a finding miracle this past week. It was one of the coldest day's we've had finding. We knocked into a home where the owner would've invited us in, but his wife was sleeping, so he told us to come back in 30-60 minutes. So we went knocking it little longer and came back, and the owner had us come in. It turns out he had actually had a thought come into his mind that morning that we'd be coming, and his wife has a brother that is serving a mission in Vegas. From our conversation with them we could tell they didn't know much about the church, but the husband had been thinking that he needs to make some changes in his life. We're planning to see them this Wednesday at dinner. I'm hoping all goes well with that.

We had trade offs this week. I got paired with a fresh new Elder from Canada. He doesn't have an accent. But what's funny is his companion, during the pledge he'll tell him "Put your hand over heart!" "Good, now say the Pledge of Allegiance!" Then he'll say "I don't know the words."

K, my companion & the Other Elders are telling me to hurry up. We're still trying to make time today to go to Brawners (Bronners?) It's apparently the worlds largest Christmas store. I'm excited :) I'll take pictures.

Also we got haircuts this morning

Elder Candland

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