Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 44

Sounds like there was some pretty good American food there at home. General Tso´s is now officially an American dish to me. I have almost 0 oriental food here. It´s just all rice, beans, and sometimes a lasagna (Brasilianized). There is a Chinses Restaurant across the street from where I am now (Lig Lig), but it´s not so good. The American Chinse food is a step down from real Chinese food because it´s a copy. The Brasilian Chinese food is a copy of what we have in America, so it´s copy of a copy. 3rd tier Chinese is not so good. 
Elder Arichichu has had a few good songs lately. Some Maroon 5, some Argentinan rap, and I think he sometimes just makes wierd growling noises at himself and laughs alone in the shower. When he sings his own songs, he usually is on key, but in sacrament meeting, he can´t seem to sing on key.

Well, this week was the worst week of my mission. We had the least success and lowest numbers I´ve ever seen. We worked hard and planned well, but for some reason, we just couldn´t manage to get into anyone´s homes this week. Elder Arichichu is kind of frustrated that his first weeks of the mission have been pretty unsuccesful. I don´t blame him, but today I decided to study the Christ-like attributes with him and focus on Patience and Hope. I think he learned a little.

I don´t really have any good stories this week. I think the best thing that happened was the Multi-Zone Conference with President and Sister Martins. I got to talk with a bunch of friends, including Elder Davis, during lunch, and I learned a lot of good new things I can improve on to be a better missionary. 

Something interesting I also learned is that depending on how worthy and active the members of a ward are can affect the work in the area. Sometimes if the ward isn´t super strong, the Lord won´t send his elects there just yet so that his children don´t join the church and fall away because there was no firm foundation to support them. In comparison to lots of wards I´ve seen here, our ward  in Carnation seems to be a pretty strong little ward, but don´t forget that the Elders aren´t alone in the missionary work. They´re just the one´s who are working full-time. The members need to see the work as something that they work hand-in-hand with the Elders rather than just support the people the Elders bring. The missionaries are part of the ward too, and should work with the ward leaders just as any other calling.

Anyway, until next week. I won´t expect too much. And I´ll send a few pictures again.

Cooking Like a Brasileiro with Elder Candland

We only buy toilet paper with the suavest of perfumes.

Rylee drew this for me in the MTC. It´s the cover of my guitar music binder.

Being under a plastic cover, I can enhance the image with a dry-erase pen.

Elder Arichichu getting his hair cut.

Some hobo made a fire and left the hot coals for us to use on a cold night.

It has been a little chilly these last few nights, and with the cousin of the Snuggie, I don´t have to unmake my bed, meaning I can leave it made for days.

-Elder Candland

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