Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 46

So yesterday I didn't get to send an email because our lanhouse was shut for some Brazilian holiday.

So, I got transferred. Finally. I was upset to leave the area after so long when the last few weeks we were so awful. I didn't want to leave like that. But when I was, I found gratitude as soon as I got here. The house is way nice since the houses are cheaper out here. Oh ya, I'm in a different city now. Sorocaba. It's a little to the west of Sao Paulo. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm in Idaho sometimes. It's definitely more rural. It's less busy. The people are more friendly. The atmosphere is just better. I also feel more like I'm in Brasil. Anyway, we have solid investigators here. We manage to teach people now. When we make contacts, the people usually are home when we pass by later. My new companion is from Battleground, WA. Elder Dial. He's pretty cool. Kind of goofy; his Portuguese is funny. He'll say stuff like "hello family" when we pass by a family on the street. He's a good worker though, so I'm really excited to have half of the responsibility taken off my shoulders.

I suppose that's the biggest news I have for this week. I had my birthday on Sunday. It was a normal day. I actually forgot it was my birthday a few times. I remembered while I was in the shower, then forgot until after church. After that I forgot again until that night when someone asked what day it was. It was fine though. I realized that the new area was probably the best birthday present I could have got. Also, we had a good day of work on Sunday.

I'm pretty jealous of the family trip. All of it sounds like it was pretty fun. I'm still in Brasil though; it's better I think. Although, the challenge course sounds pretty fun though. I love that kind of stuff.

There weren't any real good stories from this week. I wish I had a little more to say. Ah, I guess before I left my last area, I passed by a few members that I really liked to say goodbye, especially the people I baptized, but one of the members knew it was my birthday Sunday, and she gave me a present. It was one of her CDs; a legit Brasil album. It's not church music. I'm gonna have to save it for after the mission.

I've got a couple of good photos I'll send off too. Just like normal.

Alright. Talk to you guys next week. Oh ya, next week we have Elder Claudio M. Costa coming here from the 70 Presidency.

Zone picture in Pirituba before I left.

Here´s the front of our house.

Front room.

It goes way back.

A spacious kitchen... for me to cook on... in.

The best quality of the house. The back porch/balcony.

It´s got a pretty sweet view.

I like to watch the sunlight hit the hills and buildings while I drink a hot cup of barley... ? It sounds more normal in Português.

Here´s Elder Dial and me. Hardcore.

-Elder Candland

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