Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 23

So first thing. I forgot to mention last week that I scored a nice, well-used, guitar. It´s like a classical acoustic guitar with the 3 higher pitched strings made of nylon. It´s pretty cool, just a little beat up, missing it´s strings, the nut, and the piece of porcelain for the bridge. I bought some strings the other day, and there´s an inactive guy in our ward we´ve been working with for some time. He plays guitar really well and has even made his own guitars. He offered to fix it up for me if I could get him some strings. I´m hoping he can get it done. Elder Davis has a recorder now that he finally got. We´ve got plans to play some sweet hymns. We heard M. Russel Ballard may be coming up for something soon, and we thought it would be way cool to play a musical number during the meeting. That all depends on him actually being here and us having something ready before the meeting. It´s all rumors right now though.

About the package you´re getting ready. I just used up my last good pen. We use pens a ton every day, and they´re kind of expensive here. Or maybe they just look that way since I´m a really poor missionary. Anyway, I could use some nicer pens. Like at least 5. I´m not a huge fan of the pens that bleed a lot either, but even worse is the ballpoint ones that scratch when you write since they´re cheap.

I finally finished my John Bytheway book this weekend. It was a pretty good book. I don´t know if you looked through it, but only the first chapter is how-to-get-through-almost-anything. Then the second chapter leads right in on how to strengthen your marriage. Either way, it was a good book and I´m starting the Thomas S. Monson one now.

I also am starting to have hope for Lars now. Stake dances and choir. Now he just needs to get over his social anxiety and just talk to people. Maybe all these social activities will help. I won´t be too worried until his senior year though.

Anyway, Carnaval is coming up, so I´m not too excited for that. No one apparently is here during carnaval. Everyone heads to the beaches. I guess it´ll be kind of quiet and peaceful here though. But this week we didn´t meet with any of the promising investigators we have. They´re all out of town. Since January is their summer vacation, most people go out of town for the month. No one was at home, or had time with family stuff going on. It´s so lame. And still nobody is keepin our commitments we leave with them. Oh, and it´s been about 3 months since I´ve had an investigator at church. We´re still trying and it´s still good to be here working. I just wish these people understood that we´re not just some other church.

I think maybe the coolest thing this week was we got invited to a Jehovah´s Witness´s house the other day. She started trying to teach us, but we kind of turned it around and started teaching her, but with authority. Anyway, we asked her to keep a Book of Mormon in case someone else in her family has interest. She wouldn´t keep it, but then she tried to give us one of her books. We accepted it on terms that she kept our book as well. Anyway, I already have a Jehovah´s Witness book. It´s in my Apostacy Collection I´ve started on the mission. 

That´s my week. I´ll talk to you guys again next week. 
-Elder Candland

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