Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 24

So we went to the temple today. It´s pretty cool to go through in another language. I also wish we could go to the temple more often here on the mission. I don´t think it´ll be too difficult to be motivated to go a lot after the mission. Maybe that´s what they´re doing, just teasing us with very little temple time to make us want to go after the mission. Anyway, that´s why I didn´t email on Monday.

Today I have exactly 8 months in the mission. It kind of seems like a lot, but not really. I´m gonna try and convince myself that´s good and that I still have 16 months left of the best two years. I love the mission, but these last few weeks, even though I´m with the best companion I´ve had on the mission, have been a little disappointing. No one we contact on the street shows any interest in the same church that Jesus Christ himself taught. That just doesn´t seem to interest anyone. Neither does having a prophet called by God to recieve revelation for us. I don´t get it. Also, none of our investigators have really progressed since like 3 weeks ago. There was one night that we were both pretty disappointed, so we just went and knocked on a bunch of doors. We found no one, but we really tried our best to share what we have with the people on that street. By the end of the night, we felt better. That´s probably because we scheduled an appointment to go make American pancakes at an investigators house, then teach them. That ended the night well.

Oh, but Jordan did right me and I just got his letter this week. I´ve got a ton of letters I´m waiting to send off until I have enough money again. We´re running pretty tight in this area because a lot of lunches had fallen through in January. This month should be better.

Aside from not finding much success with our investigators, our week was full of little cool things that don´t really relate to missionary work. One, we were tired and sat down on the sidewalk for a few minutes. While we were sitting, a little older lady came running out of her house across the street and gave us a little bag with some soda, crackers, and two pieces of homemade breakfast casserole. She dropped it in Elder Davis´ hands and ran before we could even say thanks, so we´re trying to get back there, say thanks, and maybe sneak in a lesson. On sunday, we got a ride from a member to lunch from church, and his car just so happens to be an old Volkswagon bus, but it´s missing all of the seats in the back. It also doesn´t have windows, and there´s not pretty carpeting on the floor or walls. We basically rode around in on top of the engine in this completely barren bus. It looked like a moive, and we both agreed that we needed to have assault rifles. That night we went and made the pancakes with a family we´re teaching. That was pretty funny because they were always saying how much it looked just like all the cartoons do with a huge stack of pancakes and maple syrup. 

Oh ya, and that Syfy movie they´re making in Carnation. I hope it´s just as bad as all the rest. I´d like to be home and watch what they do. From their movies, I´m not sure I´d want to pay too close attention to what they do, but it´s a somewhat professional crew actually filming right there. It´d be nice to see what they do. I hope Andrew´s at least taking some notes.

Well, that´s about it. I know I forgot a few things, but I need to go now. I´ll just right anything I forgot in my email 5 days from now. Talk to you then.
-Elder Candland

 Some cool soda I found here. The lid is a normal soda can, but the rest was plastic. The soda itself was pretty good too. carbonated lemon juice with mint. Which reminds me, I forgot to mention that an Elder gave me root beer extract, so we´ve made our own root beer since they don´t have it here in Brasil. Just Guaraná, Cocacola, Pepsi, Itubaína, Sprite, Fanta, and any kind of cheap rip-off of them.

How most of my study times are. It´s SUPER hot right now. We wake up and our house is already 85 degrees. It´s so awful. There is no relief.

Elder Davis and I at the São Paulo Temple.

Elder Larsen was there too.

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