Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 25

So I don´t have a lot of time today on my email. We´re pretty much out of money until Wednesday, so I have only 20 minutes to type this up right now.

It´s hot. We made riceasaurus for lunch today. A drunk hobo slid down a muddy hill laughing and sticking his tongue out at us. There are bananas here the size of my forearm. But being a missionary is way good.

A few things I need are another crayon from Rylee so I can mark my scriptures. I need yellow. I´ve been using the one she gave me back in May, but It´s practically unusable now since I used it so much. Also, I need a nice oil capsule. I haven´t been able to find mine for a long time now. The ones they sell here at the temple store are really really cheap.

We had coconut bread for sacrament yesterday.

A crazy lady that we met back in December got paid this last week, and she was so excited that she called out to us from her church, then took us to a bakery and bought us some soda and cake. The funniest part is we were just heading to the bishop´s birthday party to get some cake.

There´s an Elder in my district who has been getting a lot of references from this guy in their ward. It turns out he used to be a drug dealer and is sending them to all of his old buyers. He said when they get there, the guy opens the door, asks who sent them, and when they say who, the guy gets all scared, throws on a shirt and is like ``Hey man, look, I swear I payed him back, things should be good now. I don´t need any more trouble.´´
No more success this week. It´s been really tough to get a hold of anyone and then actually meet with them. We haven´t taught a solid lesson in weeks now. The best we´ve done is just teach random people on the street that we contact. It´s usually a quick lesson on the Restoration, and then they say `thanks.´

I was reading in D&C 135 and found this in verse 6: ``... and that if the fire can scathe a green tree for the glory of God, how easy it will burn up the dry trees to purify the vinyard of corruption.´´ So it talks about the tares and the wheat basically, but I like to look at is as us needing to be burned a little in order to improve our ``vinyard´´ and such.

Something interesting I´ve learned from Português is that in Português, to magnify (magnificar) is to make something magnificent. That´s what the Latin root means. In English, we use it for making something bigger. But magnifying our callings is actually not going beyond the limits of the calling. That actually kind of doesn´t make sense, especially for people who receive certain keys for their calling. They can´t go outside their bounds. We should make our callings magnificent. I jsut read a quote from President Thomas S. Monson´s book today that talked about how to magnify our calling. Just as usual, his answer wasn´t anything extraordinary. He said to do just what is required of us, as Christ would.
One other thing. We had some cooking lessons at lunch on Saturday. I´ve already written a letter with some of the stuff I learned since it would take a long time to write in an email. Which reminds me, can you guys find a recipe for maple syrup for imitation maple? I´m pretty sure I need corn syrup, but I don´t think they have that here. 

Anyway, that´s all for now. I hope next week you guys can find those pdf files for me. Talk to you on Monday.


-Elder Candland

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