Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December 31

Well, our week wasn´t all that productive. We had a hard time finding people, so we grabbed a list of members and started passing by the members we didn´t know to see if they had anyone there to teach. We ended up finding one person. The member who had lived there moved, and we talked with the lady that lives there now.

Tonight we´ve got a lessons with a recent convert´s mom who seems pretty interested in the church. After that, we´ve been invited to several places for New Years Eve. The only bummer about new years is that we still have to be at home by 9:30. Hopefully someone manages to bring a friend to the ward activity. We´re desperately needing new investigators.

What a bummer that grandma decided to make everyone pijamas this year. I missed out. I won´t lie, I actually want some.

Christmas here was pretty good for us missionaries this year. I finally felt like some of the members were looking out for us. My first Christmas was absolutely lame aside from the fact that Elder Davis was my companion. Though Christmas was really good, I missed a lot of stuff that we do for Christmas. There was no Christmast music, no lights on houses, no cold, few sweets; basically no Christmas ``spirit.´´ Just a good excuse to gather the family and eat.

Anyway, that´s it for this week. We didn´t take any pictures on Christmas or Christmas Eve and i´m kind of bummed. I´ll try and get some tonight.

-Elder Candland

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