Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7

Weird, I come home this year. Only one more generalconference and one  more call home. And the members don´t help. For somereason they like remind me that I have only a few months left every time we eatat their homes.

Anyway, this week was much better. We managed to findseveral new investigators, and we hope to have someone baptized in just a fewweeks. 

Ricardo got engaged with his girlfriend who introduced himto the church. They´re planning on waiting to get married in a year when theycan get sealed in the temple.

I finished reading Following Christ about 3 daysafter Christmas and The Great Apostasy about 5 days ago. It took mea little while to get used to the way James E. Talmage writes after readingsomething more modern and casual.

Cool comment from Stephanie. I´m glad to see another convertstay strong to what she believes.

That´s it for this week.  I´ll try and get back to college stuff.

-Elder Candland

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  1. Adam, we always enjoy reading your blog every week and are so glad things are going well. Good luck with getting more baptisms before you're done! We had fun with everyone at Christmas, and enjoyed hearing about your call home. Hope you have a great week! Our boys pray for you every night!
    Aunt Amy


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