Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4

Elder Pauferro goes home on Wednesday.I started to feel a little trunky as he started packing his bags today. I spent some time looking through my suitcase and closet to see if there was anything I didn´t want to take home. I threw out a bunch of stuff I´ve collected over the last few months, and what I left in my suitcase, I packed up nice and tight to see how much space I have. I think ´ve got the space I need. Especially when I throw out most of the shirts, pants, socks, etc. Anything that won´t or already isn´t worth carrying home. What I´m trying to decide is if I want to bring my guitar home too. If I do, I´ll have to pack my smaller suitcase into the medium-sized. I´d like to bring it home. I´ve kind of gotten attached to it. I´m still not sure though.

Anyway, I come home on May 22nd. That means I should actually be at the airport in the morning on the 23rd. We could still have Rylee´s baptism the 23rd if you wanted, but it´s probably best to wait for the same weekend Dallin and I speak to make things easier for everyone else.

We had Elder Mazzagardi come visit our mission again. He´s a pretty amazing person. I´d love to have another conference with him before I´m gone. And whenever we have a general authority visit, he always chooses about 5 missionaries to interview and ask about the mission. I was chosen and got to speak with him personally afterward. His wife also made a good point. She asked how many times we had read our mission call. I read it only twice I think. Have Dallin read it several more times. Maybe every Sunday. It´s a statement from the prophet about what the Lord has called him to do. It´ll help get prepared mentally a little.

I don´t really miss a lot of the food from home since I like the food here so much, but if I had to choose a few things I miss, they are BBQ ribs, teriyaki, sandwiches with more than just ham and cheese, cereal, brownies, and s´mores. Actually, that´s a good list. As for when I get home, I´d like to stay at home for a few days, spending time with the family. I´d like to watch several movies. I´ll probably need to do a little shopping depending on what clothes I still have left at home. I also want to go camping. Aside from that, I´m not sure what I´ll want to do. I bet most of my friends won´t even be home, but that´s fine. I´ll only have about 6 weeks with Dallin before he´s gone for 2 years.

Well, that´s it. I´ll talk to you guys later. I don´t know anything on my new companion, so I´ll have to tell you next week.
-Elder Candland

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