Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25

We had another baptism this week. It was insane. I´ve never had a baptism this crazy. It was just one girl, but we had lots of problems. Anyway, she´s had boyfriend problems recently, and was hoping to have him baptize her. Then the night before, he broke up with her, for the second time. Anyway, she called to tell me that I was going to baptize her instead. The, we go to the chapel a little earlier to see if our ward mission leader was filling up the font. When we got there, we noticed that there wasn´t any water. We called the ward leaders to figure something out, and eventually found out that the water was turned off (ya, there´s a single valve in the front of the church that a small child can reach). We turned it on, but it took forever to start something. By the time we had water coming out of the sink where the teachers prepare the sacrament, most of the people were there. We started running buckets of water from the sink, through the sacrament meeting room, to the font. Eventually the bishop showed up, and he ripped the fire hose off the wall and got the font filled up in about 20 minutes. But, while we were waiting for the font to fill up, there was some drama with her ex-boyfriend´s parents. They came to watch the baptism, and apparently didn´t know that he had ended things with her. They seemed pretty upset, especially the mom, because the girl was practically crying nonstop at her own baptism. She asked the dad to baptized her, but the mom didn´t want him to because it was supposed to be her son, then the mom started crying. In the end, she was baptized by the dad, and she seemed happy. Nonetheless, it was pretty crazy. Hopefully this story makes sense.

Anyway, my companion is doing pretty well for being 12 days away from going home. He helps quite a bit, but it´s still really difficult here since I don´t know any of the members, or even the area very well yet. I had almost 3 weeks in the area when it all fell into my hands. That´s half the normal time. Oh well, we´re finding lots of new people to teach.

That´s pretty exciting to hear about Dallin´s call. I´m slightly disappointed that he´s not coming to Brasil too. I was hoping to be able to share lots off cool things with him if he was called to Brasil. At least we have an entire month together before he´s gone though.

Well, I think that´s the excitement for the week.
-Elder Candland 

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