Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4

Well, I´m quite happy to be out here in Sorocaba again. It´s hot, but it hasn´t been too hot yet. Since it´s already February, it shouldn´t get too much hotter than it already has been. Oh, and just as a bit of information, this transfer is only 5 weeks, as well as my last transfer. It´s 5, 6, 5 and I´m home. I´m hoping this is my last area. I really don´t want to have to pack everything up only 5 weeks before really packing up for the last time.

Anyway, my new companion is Elder D. Santos. He´s Brasilian. He´s kind of got a badboy personality; a little arrogant, likes to work out without a shirt on, and everything for him is ``sweet´´ or ``sick.´´ We seem to get a long well though. He´s not picky or whiney.

I found out that our house has a glass bottle for Guaraná that is returnable. I´m going to try and get the most out of it before coming  home. R$1,25 per liter. That´s like $0.75. And it´s in a glass bottle, so the flavor is a little better.

Anyway, upon arriving, I looked at the area map and noted that near the south of our area, there´s this tiny little bridge that connects our area to Parque das Laranjeira, my last area, entering right next to a family I helped reactivate and get the kids baptized. On Thursday, we had a lesson right on the edge or our area, so afterward, we hopped on over to see them really quick. It was really cool to see them again. Everyone is now an active member and they talk about the ward and church as though the´ve never been inactive. When I showed up they were like ``Candylord, you´re back!´´ For some reason I was known by them as Candylord. It happend in a district meeting. Someone wrote my name on the board, and people started messing with it. Here are the steps it took to get to Candylord:
  1. Candland
  2. Candyland
  3. Candylond
  4. Candylord
You can see how it makes sense, right?

Anyway, the area is pretty good. It doesn´t feel like a difficult area. I feel like these next few months we can really get some good work done before I come home.

There´s this guy in our area who has a really nice red Camaro. It turns out he´s a loan shark. Well, I just won't take out any loans from this guy. He also owns a really nice hardware store near our home.

I´m glad to hear that Dallin probably will be home when I get back. I was almost happy that he took so long getting his papers in, to keep him home a little longer. 

Speaking of the Super Bowl, we ran into some guy yesterday while looking for an old investigator, and he was about to watch the superbowl. He seemed to be pretty excited, but no one else has even mentioned a thing to me.

Anyway, that´s about it for now. I don´t have much else to talk about since I´m new here.
-Elder Candland

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