Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 18

Well, this week was going well until today. We got a call from President Martins at about 11:30 saying that Elder D. Santos is being transferred to another area. He had about 6 hours to be ready to leave. Now, we're just waiting for President to get here and take him away and leave my new companion. It´s a big bummer. I liked Elder D. Santos, my new companion is going home after this transfer, so he might be trunky, and I don't know the area super well yet.

So, here´s a cool story. Actually, I have 2 cool stories. First: the family from Parque das Laranjeiras (the ward I passed through a few months ago) just opened up a luncheonette down the street from our house, so I get to see them often, and they give us free food when we pass by (I try not to pass by too often). Second story: Another family from that same ward that I helped get reactivated just before leaving, has a bunch of family and friends in the area in which I´m currently working, and they've marked several appointments with us and these friends. Basically, because of an inactive family we worked with about 5 months ago, I´m getting a lot of really good references now.

It´s really hot here again. When I first came back to Sorocaba, I had some luck; it was about 22 degrees, overcast every day. Now it´s up to 28, and the sun is absolutely frying us now.

That´s about it for today. I´ll be back in about 30 minutes to finish up my email. We´re out of time. President's gonna be here soon.
-Elder Candland 

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