Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 6

Well let me get the complaints out of the way. I´m pretty disappointed with this area. We´re working hard, yet we can´t find anyone who is interested in hearing about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I´m at the pique of my mission, using all of my experience, and I´m having the most difficult time I have ever had with finding people to listen to us. Saturdays are particularly frustrating. This last Saturday we had a ton of appointments marked with several people, and every - single - one fell through. It wasn´t even 4 o´clock and I already felt like throwing my name tag on the ground and start yelling in English. No one here understands commitment. They say that we can pass by at a specific hour of the day, and then when we show up, they´re not even home. I just don´t get it. We tell them that God has called a prophet, just as he always has done, and that we have proof that he was called of God, and we promise that they can have a happier family and that they can receive a witness from God himself that this is true. And they treat it as nothing.

Okay, I think I´m fine now. Anyway, as for Eastern: I don´t have a clue. I´m not really receiving much revelation on such topics at this moment. I just fasted that things will be prepared so that I can jump back into my life without many problems. That´s the best I have for now. I can try praying about Eastern this week.

I got my last package. We made the brownies today, but they were still cooling off when we left. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading letters from the rest of the kids. I don´t ever hear from them, an it was kind of a reminder that they´re still real people. To be honest, Kortney sounds like quite a handful these days from the way she wrote in her letter. Good luck with that one when she hits 16.

Anyway, it´s all good for Mother´s Day. Speaking of which, I was asked to give a talk on. 

Oh, and could you take a look at baggage stuff for me. I need to remember the maximum weight, and I need to know if a guitar constitutes a carry-on item. If not, I´m not sure how that´s getting home.

Alright, talk to you guys on Sunday.
-Elder Candland 

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