Wednesday, May 22, 2013

April 29

Well, things have improved. As for that brother who was upset about us messing up the lunch schedule (and even though it was just one more ridiculous excuse to not keep the covenants he´d made with the Lord), we wrote a letter apologizing for the problems we caused. Anyway, we ate lunch with him on Saturday and it was fine, though he told us that we didn´t need to leave a message because he already knew all of the messages as if there was a list of messages for the missionaries to memorize. We´re clean of that problem now. He can´t say that because of the missionaries he doesn´t attend church, though only health problems are an actual excuse to not go to church.

Aside from him, we´re just doing our best to treat the members as best as we can, calling every day beforehand to confirm our lunch appointments, accommodating their schedules, etc. The ward is treating us better, but I still don´t really like the ward. It´s really ``dry´´ you might say. It lacks some strong/normal members to carry it. I´m hoping to baptize some good converts to help this ward out.

To answer mom´s question from last week, I was using the exercise bar quite a bit, but these last few weeks I´ve kind of stopped. I need to go these last 3 weeks nonstop. I´ve kind of lost hope in coming home as skinny as I left, but it´s pretty tough. We walk for hours in the Brazilian heat, and I still put on weight. 

Well, until now, the work here is going a little too slow for me. I´m really trying to pick it up, but we´re having a hard time finding people who are looking for the truth and are willing to do what it takes to follow it. We´ve taught a lot of first lessons this week, but few people really wanted to hear more at another time. We just need to throw in our nets and pull in as many people as we can find until one or two prepared people show up.

I like the goal for the kids. It´s something Dallin will use on his mission. Keeping the house clean really helps keep God´s presence  , which helps to plan, receive inspiration, etc.

Anyway, that´s it for this week.

-Elder Candland

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