Monday, April 22, 2013

April 15

Sorry for the late email. We were in the LANhouse writing President Martins when the Internet dropped. We didn´t have time to go find another place to finish our email.

Anyway, at least you´ll get to know about my last transfer before next Monday. Elder Nascimento and I were transferred to the same area together. Our new area is called Julio de Mesquita. The Elders there are coming here to our area. It´s a really strange transfer, and I don´t have a clue as to why yet, but the other Elders called last night to try and coordinate the switch. They mentioned that President called them that afternoon and said that he had a dream the night before that they needed to be transferred to another area together. So I can say that my first and last transfers were decided because of dreams. I just took a look at my first blog entry to see if I mentioned anything about my first transfer. Let me tell that story now too:

The morning of our first transfer, President Martins showed up and started talking to us new missionaries, and he asked us if any of us had received some sort of revelation about where we would be assigned for our first areas. No one said anything, so he asked if we´d had any dreams or anything. Obviously he was just kidding, but I decided to go along with it. I said that I hadn´t had any dreams about my new area, but the night before I had dreamt that I was Batman in a space station fighting some villain. Then President started to think a little, repeating the name `batman,´ then said, ``Ah, Perdizes. I think you´ll go to Perdizes.´´ And that´s where I went; to start my mission in Perdizes with Elder Santiago in the neighboring area of Tanner Paxman.

I´m pretty disappointed to be leaving this area though. We´ve left it in pretty good condition. Lots of new investigators, several people who will be baptized, and a couple of investigators who just need a little help to decide to be baptized. I´m really hoping that the Lord has lots of plans for us in this next area.

Good to hear that Grandpa is doing better. And I don´t really think it´s weird that you were telling Grandpa´s family that they couldn´t have him yet. Something I´ve learned here on the mission is that when we plan for the next day, there are angels present planning with us to go and prepare the people who we plan to visit the next day (D&C 84:88). Sometimes before planning I clean up my desk because I´m a little embarrassed to have them there planning with us and my desk is messy.

To add to Stuart´s comment about fast and testimony meeting, it´s true. Most times the Bishop has to get up and say that only the people on the stand will be able to bear their testimonies because the meeting is about to end. Almost always. This last Sunday was an exception. It was just a constant stream of testimonies until the very last minute. When the last person on the stand bore his testimony, it was time to end the meeting, ending it smoothly.

Well that´s it. We have to go to lunch now. We also have a TON of work to do before leaving the area since both of us are leaving, we have to leave everything perfect for the other Elders. 

Until next Monday.
-Elder Candland

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