Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 1

We went to the city center today. It´s not quite as intense as São Paulo´s center, but I found some cool stuff to bring home.

This weekend was pretty good for us. At the cake party last Saturday, we had an investigator there, and our ward missionary started talking to her and scheduled FHE with her family on Friday night. So Friday night we arrive, and this lady also invited her grandchildren and some nieces and nephews. She also recently adopted 3 little kids. FHE was basically just a primary lesson with about 10 kids between ages 5 and 11, a young man who is close to baptism, and his mom. Saturday we had a baptism, and on Sunday, we managed to have 11 investigators at church. Of that family we taught Friday night, we brought 7 of them to church, but since 2 of them aren´t old enough to baptize, we actually had 13 people at church. All of the little kids wanted to sit with us during Sacrament meeting, so my companion and I sat with what looked like half of the primary. We were running around the church all day helping out with gospel principles, speaking to the primary, finding people to sit with the investigators, taming little kids during sacrament meeting, finding rides home for a bunch of people, going up to the stand to confirm Douglas, etc. We felt pretty cool.

Easter here is different, and to be honest, kind of lame. During this time of year, the stores start selling a bunch of chocolate eggs about the size of a football. Most ar hollow with more chocolate inside. The kids eggs are just like big Kinder eggs (actually Kinder also makes this big eggs here for easter) with small toys inside. Last year I scored a Ben 10 Omnitrix. This year I just got some chocolates from a few members.

Transfers are April 17th. Then my last transfer ends May 22nd. It´s another trasnfer of only 5 weeks. It sounds like this year we have two 5-week transfers because the transfer was going to fall on the day of Christmas, and the area presidency wasn´t going to be cruel to thousands of families waiting to hear from their children that morning.

I remembered something else I really want to eat. I haven´t eaten crab or shrimp since before the mission. I really want some good seafood. It´s really rare here. Every now and then someone fries up some trout or cod. I think I could count the times I´ve eaten fish on 3 hands. I only have 2 though.

Anyway, President let us now a few weeks ago that there is a rule on how much time we can spend for email. He said no more than one hour. With writing to president, sending our numbers to the First Presidency, reading your emails, then replying, I don´t have much time. At least today I won´t be able to send a letter to UVU or Eastern. Maybe this week I can write a draft on paper, then next P-Day I just copy it quickly.

Anyway, I have to go. We have an appointment at 6:00 sharp on the other side of our area. We gotta fly now, and this sun isn´t forgiving. 

This is Douglas. We met him just over a week ago. 

Until next week.
-Elder Candland 

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