Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March 25

Yep, 8 p-days left. It´s coming fast. I´m already almost half-way done with this transfer.

Man, a lot of young men are heading out before I´ll be back. Even a few that I thought would be home still when I come home. That´s too bad. I´ll have to wait 2 more years to see them again.

Speaking of mother´s day, there is a family here that can help us out with Skype, but I´m not planning on staying here in this area until the end of my mission. I bet President sends me to one more place before I´m home.

Speaking of President Martins, he spoke in the neighboring stake´s Stake Conference yesterday. It turns out that during his talk about the doctrine of Christ, he pulled out white baptismal clothes from his briefcase, and invited anyone who wasn´t yet baptized to be baptized that very day after the conference. Afterward, they filled the baptismal font with the fire hose and baptized a young man then and there.

We found a young man on Saturday. I´ve never seen anyone looking so sincerely for the truth. He said that he was praying specifically that God would show him which church he should follow, and received an answer the next day. We invited him to be baptized on the next Saturday and he accepted. The only problem is if the Bishop will let us baptize him this Saturday or not. Since I arrived in the area, the 2 of the 3 people we´ve baptized here were baptized on Saturday, then confirmed in their first sacrament meeting. I guess the bishop and other ward leaders are kind of concerned with baptizing people so soon. I think they´re worried about staying active in the ward. To me, whether or not they´ve gone to church yet doesn´t really matter to be baptized. The real preparation is their faith, not knowledge or friendships. Just like Christ called his apostles; they left everything without even truly knowing who it was that called them.

This weekend, was pretty funny. First off, we had a really fun ward activity. Since we had several investigators there, we got to participate. It was a cake competition that the Elder´s Quorum put on. Only the men could make the cakes, and the Relief Society judged all of the cakes. It turned out to be an awesome with lots of participation. We expected about 8 cakes, but ended up with about 14. We got lots of compliments on our cake. Anyway, aside from the activity, Elder Nascimento caught a cold Friday night and lost his voice, so Saturday and Sunday, I had to teach most of the lessons. Tonight I´ll probably have to do the same.

Stuart missed cookies. I miss pop tarts. Particularly cinnamon, s´mores, and fudge pop tarts. If you happen to remember 8 weeks from now, take some of those with you when you go to the airport.

Last week, we received an email from the area presidency saying that we can now email anyone. Ask Jordan if he checks his email much these days and to send me an email. Any other friends or family you think would want to send an email before I´m home are also welcome. ( adam.candland@myldsmail.net )

Well, that´s all for this week. I´ll send some photos from the cake competition. 

Here´s a cute photo. I found some nice green fields at the edge of our area. I stood in the picture to prove that I was there. Also to prove that I´m putting on a little weight.

Here´s our cake. I decorated it. That´s mousse we used for our frosting. It was kind of warm and runny still, so it didn´t turn out so pretty.

Here are all of the cakes.

-Elder Candland

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