Monday, April 13, 2015

March 30

That's so crazy hearing that Preston & Cody are home! Each transfer is like 40 days, so I have like 80 days left. That's also pretty crazy!
So this week was different. President Jacobsen has decided to have the zone leaders blitz all the missionaries in their zone. So Thu & Fri we spent with Elder Jepson (from the mtc) & Elder Wheat (he's been out 13 months)
I went finding all day with Elder Jepson. We found someone was wasn't interested in the church, but he let us inside & let us help him do some genealogy on familysearch.
Fri I went with Elder Wheat to do some finding. It was snowing, and pretty chili.
Tues I had another exchange with our district leader, Elder Haddock. We had a great lesson with a less active there. The spirit was present, & we left him with a hope for a brighter future. We also visited a family that owned a pet goat in their house. that had us feed it with a baby bottle.
That's my week.
Today we used a coupon to go shopping at Sam's Club. That was sorta fun :)
It's always good hearing from you. I hope this week will be fun, and not so stressful.

Elder Candland
1. Jonesvile District

2. Jackson City

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