Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 33

I hit 10 months yesterday. 

This week was pretty lame for us. It got pretty hot again, but it´s cooled off now. The house is about 77 - 78 during the night and I almost have to put on some socks because it´s a little chilly. 

Sounds like Spring Break was pretty good. Easter was pretty lame here. We scored a box of chocolates from a couple members, but that was all. Easter here is wierd. They don´t do a bunch of eggs, they sell one giant chocolate egg stuffed with little toys or more chocolates. They´re around $15 - $30 each. I almost bought myself a Hello Kitty egg, but I decided it wasn´t worth the money. I pretty much only wanted the little mug inside anyway. Anyway, chocolate here in Brasil isn´t that good either. Also, we lost a bunch of investigators this week that I was excited for. One family in particular that I just loved. They have 2 little kids that were a lot of fun to talk to, and they seemed to be accepting the lessons well, but after Easter, we swung by and the mom handed over the Book of Mormon. Turns out they went to church at the normal Catholic church they attend every so often, and the daughter was telling everyone that they were wrong because the missionaries had taught her that it was `this´ or `that.´ I guess the mom got kind of embarrassed and decided that she didn´t want people to think bad of her for learning about our church. They´ll be baptized still. I still pray for them. I just won´t get to see it. 

That was pretty much the week though.

Alright. That´s it. I gotta go work now. I didn´t sleep well last night, so I´m kinda pathetic right now. I´m not feeling too hot... great. It´s still kinda hot for me here actually. I´ll talk to you guys next week. Have Dallin email too. He still hasn´t. Tchau.

-Elder Candland

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