Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 35

I guess the biggest news was that I was NOT transferred.We´ll see what happens at the next transfer. This one is only 5 weeks though. Anyway, my last companion Elder Rocha was sadly transferred though. That was actually a surprise. I was finally dealing with him pretty well, and usuallywhen you train, it´s for 12 weeks, but we only had 6. He just swapped areas with an elder with the same time in the field. Elder Summerhays is an American.

Tough luck too, because Saturday we passed by all of ourinvestigators to invite them to church on Sunday. That special family we prayedto us, a lady who seems pretty interested, and a new family said that they´dcome. Then, when we got home, we prayed a lot as a companionship, as well aspersonally, that these people would all come. We made sure to give them allreminders and get them prepared by making sure they know how to get there, thatthey had a way to get there, etc. Anyway, we waited outside the front of thechurch for almost an hour waiting for them. We even tried calling, but no onecame. That was a huge bummer. We were pretty sure they were coming since weprayed so much. I guess we kind of forgot that people have free agency and theLord won´t  make anyone come to church. Anyway, we passed bythem that night and instilled a little guilt and encouragement (if that´spossible) to get them to come next week.

That´s about it for this week.

As for college/profession, I don´t really know yet what Iwant. I know that I have several talents, one of which I´d like to use is myimagination. That´s why I like making movies. My mind runs wild a lot. I stillhave lots of crazy dreams. Jordan and I killed some guys that were trying torob his house the other day. Then one of them came back to life as a demonzombie thing, and tried to get Rylee and Jenna. Jordan has a shotgun though, soit´s cool. Everyone else was playing Kinectamals at the Paxman´s house thoughand didn´t really seem too worried. Anyway, I´m just going to have to keepthinking about it when I have time. My patriarchal blessing mentions myprofession lightly, so I know that Heavenly Father already has plans for me.I´ll just keep thinking and praying.

That big missionary work meeting sounds like something theentire church needs to hear. I´d love to get that message out to our wards outhere. We rarely get to work with members. It´s only when we specifically marksomething with one of the more willing members and go and teach a lesson. Theydo a good job of retaining, in this ward at least, but of helping friends tochurch and stuff, it´s pretty rare. That´s probably a big reason why the workis so slow here. 

Alright. I have a few photos, so I´ll get those sent. Talkto you guys next week. As for Mother´s day, it sounds like it´s still good togo.

Our last zone taking pictures on Tuesday.

Same thing. I didn´t actually get a single good one.

We played a quick game of Ninjas before we leftthat day. A few of us got into it. I´m in the middle. Elder Rocha is on the farleft. I think he looks pretty funny, but maybe it´s because I know hispersonality. 

-Elder Candland

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