Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 36

We had another temple trip today, so that´s why I didn´t write on Monday. 

Well, the big news is that Elder Summerhays is going home tomorrow. His medication is giving him bad back pains and makes him really tired. We´ve been having to take lots of breaks during the day so that he can still help teach at night. Anyway, President Martins called me up to plan out how things are going to work out. He said there aren´t any other missionaries available to send me here in São Domingos, so I´m going to be staying with another campanionship in the area just above mine. It´s kind of a bummer (well, aside from the fact that we´re losing an Elder here in São Paulo Norte), but we have a family that is pretty excited about the church, and we´re trying to prepare them for baptism right now. I´m gonna be dragging the other Elders into our area to teach.

Oh ya... exercising in Brasil... it´s pretty good. When I exercise that is. Running is pretty tough here too. There isn´t a good place to run aside from around the neighborhood, but in that case, my companion has to run with me too, and that´s not really easy to find here. I got lazy during the summer when I woke up and the house was already 80. I don´t have that excuse anymore, so maybe I´ll get back on it. It´s dropped down to about 65 now. It´s fantastic. I can walk around without getting sweaty.

Are you sure that the guy broke the 800 state record with 1:59? I ran exactly 2:00 that one time, the only time I ran the 800. There´s no way that the national record is only 1:59.

I wonder if my childhood will look really bad when I´m older. I know it wasn´t great, but I think back in the 70´s, but particularly 80´s to 90´s, the fashion was pretty bad. I don´t think these last 10 years have been too ridiculous.

Well, this week was pretty slow, so that´s all I have for this week. Next week should be a little more interesting. It´s coming up soon too. I´ll be sending an email on Monday, so that´s only a few days from now. 

Until then.
-Elder Candland

p.s. Oh ya, I´m district leader too. I forgot to mention that last week.

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