Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week 39

So this was my last week here in Vista Verde. I´ve got Today, Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I hopefully get my new companion and can actually start living in my area again. I´m so tired of taking 2 buses for an hour or more into the area, then back again. I won´t know until tonight though. It´s 1ish right now, and they usually call around 7:00.

I´ve had a few successes in the area, but it´s really hard to keep them when I can only pass on marked appointments. Our time is pretty short during the day when we have two areas and a bunch of bus rides, so we can really only go to my area when I have something scheduled. I prefer to just pass by. If I call, they´ll try and schedule for later in the week, but if I pass by randomly, they feel bad and let us in. It´s cool, I just wanna talk to them about the rest of their eternity, so I don´t feel bad inviting myself over.

 I can´t really think of anything too exciting that happened this week. I took pictures of really anything interesting this week. 

 Being District Leader is tough here. It seems that my district pretty much has the same problems each week, and I haven´t figured out what more I can do to help them out. I need to go on some exchanges with them, but the transfer is almost over now, so I´ll just wait until next transfer and jump on it the second week once things have settled in. 

Did you guys happen to check out any of the music I sent? It´s kind of different when you listen to it when you´re actually in Brasil, and I think it might come as an acquired taste after the mission.

Well, that´s about all. We had to do email a little early today since we decided to hike the peak... peakzinho. It´s really not that high up. It´s probably about 2/3 of Mt. Si, and takes about 1/4 of the time to climb it. Anyway, I´ll send some pictures now. They´re more fun than me talking about walking around the streets of Brasil talking to random, normal people. There wasn´t really anything cool this week. 

Well, Lawígnia was confirmed in church. We´re gonna go back to Rose (the first lady who was baptized) and see if we can´t help out her family.

Some Pictures...

We saw this in a dvd store and had to take pictures.

 Van gave me a sweet Brasilian haircut. I keep it chill while we´re on the street though.

I made a shield from an ironing table, some strips of rubber, and some nails I found on the ground. Also a spear.

We pretended to be Nephites while we hiked up the peak.
Watching over my area.
There´s so much nasty smog over the city.
We had some snacks. That´s Elder Dattilo smelling a banana.
Just a tall radio tower that kind of reminds me of Star Trek.

Those stairs were awful. We ran up about half way and couldn´t keep going.

That´s all.

-Elder Candland

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