Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 38

Ya, there´s not much to talk about right after talking yesterday. 

We were going to hike Pico de Jaraguá today, but Elder Dattilo woke up sick. Maybe next week. I´m hoping so. I´d like to go one more time before my time here is up. 

One thing I forgot to mention was that I had a baptism yesterday. I baptized a little girl named Lawígnia (it´s pronounced la-VEE-nee-uh). She just turned 8 a few months ago. I´ve been working with the family for quite a while. The dad is a member, but he´s less active. The mom isn´t quite ready to be baptized just yet, but the whole family has been coming to church almsot every day the last 3 months, and Lawígnia has been showing a lot of interest in being baptized lately. I was going to wait for her to be baptized the same day as her mom, but the mom needs a little more time, and we decided it would be best to add one more person in the family with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I had some help from the ward getting it all figured out, but the biggest problem was no one knew how to get the water hot. We finally managed to figure it out, but the water only had about 1 hour to heat up, so it was still pretty cold. When she went under, she kind of freaked out a little, and when she came up, she was pretty shocked from the cold. I asked if she was alright and she said ``I just want to get out of the water now.´´ She´s full of attitude and always bullies me around. She earned cold water. But at the same time, she´s probably going to chew me out the next time I talk with her. Oh well, she looked happy after she was sitting with her mom again.

Just a few more days in the trio. I´m really hoping I get a new companion and don´t just get sent to a new area. I´ve got some really important people I´m working with right now and I´m worried they may not trust new Elders so quickly. 

 Well, that´s it. I´ve got a lot of work to do this next week. It´s going to be pretty tough, but I think it´s going to be really good to help out the ward here too.

Also, tell Dallin to check his junkmail and reply. I sent him a music reference and I´m curious to know what he thinks. Oh, and if you guys are interested in some Brasil music, here are some of the artists I´ve caught on to: Chiclete com Banana, Zé Ramalho, Djavan, (and for mom and maybe the girls (I really like this singer actually)) Paula Fernandes. 

´Tá bom. Até próxima Segunda. Abração.
-Elder Candland

A popular bar here in São Paulo.

A cool caterpillar.

Almost all of the houses here are really close together like this. You can hardly tell there are streets in between.

Lawígnia and I. You know that age where she won't admit she likes me, so she makes fun of me instead.

Lawígnia and her family. (Left to right: Me, Lawígnia, Iuri, Vitor, Anapaula.
Me talking to you guys on Mother's Day. The kids asked to look at my camera photos and I guess decided to take a picture for me. I didn't even realize I had this until today.

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