Friday, November 29, 2013

November 18

Susan is really nice. The missionaries have taught her since before my trainer got here, and for an investigator to be visiting that long is pretty rare. She's took the things we've taught seriously, and if she gets an answer to her prayers I have no doubt she'll be baptized.
But yeah I'm going to Saginaw. If you look up the town, it's one of the bigger citys in Michigan, which means it's also one of the many dangerous citys in Michigan. It's pretty ghetto from what I hear, but it's OK. The missionaries there are known as "The Jesus People." Also I hear the ward has some amazing members. So I'm not worried, so long as we get back to our apartment before it gets dark.

I told my companion, "Yeah, my dad got a PS4 from work, no big deal or anything."
It seems like  I came to a new world out here, and my world back home is moving along without me. There's this new Disney movie I've never heard about I saw a picture of at Wal-Mart. I guess that's part of a missionaries life. It's kinda weird.

We learned a lot from Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. at half mission training. We had a few other talks given by our mission leaders, but the majority of the meeting was given by him. There was a lot of inspired things he said, I filled about 3 papers front & back with notes. Nearly everything pertained to me. We had a while where the missionaries could ask him questions, and he had some amazing answers to each of them.

One thing he told us was to "Take care of today, and tomorrow will take care of itself." He counseled us a lot on how to deal with the stress of being a missionary. He also said as a missionary he didn't know if he was depressed because he worked all day & crashed in bed as soon as it was time, so there was no time to think about his feelings. I'm going to look over my notes again in the future, It was a great meeting.

We planned a service project at Susan's, where we invited members to come and rake her yard. To our surprise we collected many loads weighing a couple 100 lbs each. Members brought leaf blowers, and we hauled the leafs on a tarp to front of her yard. (The town owns a truck that comes by and gathers the piles of leaves on the edge of peoples yards.) The leaves piled to 2-3 ft and stretched all the way across her yard. There were a lot of leaves.
After the activity she invited us to have lunch with her, and she ordered pizza for us. She's great.

One more thing. This week we met a lady door knocking, who invited us in because of the cold. (1st time that's happened to me) She explained that our timing was great, because she left the Catholic church and is looking for another one. We set a time we could meet with her, and she has her phone out & is putting it in her calendar. I'm excited for Elder Louis to teach her, it'll be great I'm sure.

Rylee must be on the other end of the gene-pool with soccer, because I played goalie with my companions & I suck. It's good to hear that from her coach, I'm interested to see what she does when she goes on to high school.

I hope everything's  going great. I'm keeping you in my prayers. and I'll talk to you next week & let you know how I'm liking the new area.

Elder Candland

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