Friday, November 29, 2013

November 4

Sorry to hear about Grandpa. Elder Louis got news a little while ago that a couple of  his relatives passed away. He said if he was home it would be difficult, but being out here where we constantly learn of the spirit world, he took comfort in knowing that they are in a better place. I can say the same for Grampa. It is sad to not have him here with us, but I'm glad to know he's enjoying missionary service, and being where the Lord would have him. It will be great to see him again when the time comes.

We had one member, who recently moved in and is a recent convert, come to church with her husband. He sounds very interested, and didn't hesitate to accept the invitation to be baptized. We're excited to work with him.

We had interviews with President Hess, which we all enjoyed. I love talking with him. From what I hear his President when he was a missionary was Boyd K. Packer. I think it's a great blessing to have him as a mission leader.
The interview went awesome. He helped me with every problem I had, and it was a very spiritual interview.  It gave me a boost of energy to do missionary work. I'll miss him when he's released.

The Branch had their Halloween activity this Saturday, and we were encouraged to come. Unfortunately we didn't have any nonmembers there, but it was a success for our tiny branch. We had plenty of people show up. Elder Louis took a cooking class and one of the requirements was to know how to boil hot dogs exactly, so of course he did that.
Our ward Halloween parties were some of my favorite activities we had. It wouldn't be fair to compare them to the Branch's party.

We had a return appointment with some guy who grew up in Flint Michigan, which is known for how ghetto it is. He told us a little about his rough life, but he would talk & talk. We didn't have much time to finish the lesson so we asked if we could come back later. Sounds like he has some questions and is interested in hearing more from us. One of his friends was there and we're pretty sure he has Sleep Apnea. We was out, and he had some intense snoring. His head would bob every time he took a breath.

It was a pretty average week, not much else happened.
We are excepting one of us to get called to another area, by the end of this transfer, which is next Saturday. We're excepted Elder Oler to leave, although something tells me I'm leaving.

I'm glad to hear Shaini finally had her endowments! I'm sure you guys had a good time, especially since you got to go with a friend. It's cool that girl was there too. The other day we were just talking about how the church makes the world so small.

I would highly encourage Shaini to become familiar with the mission schedule, and to come to the MTC ready to take notes. There's a lot they want you to know the first day, and it can be overwhelming when you haven't adjusted to the schedule.

Oh, one more thing. I don't know how I forgot to mention this, but we got word that by the beginning of next year, missionaries in this mission will EACH have their own iPad mini! It's going to have Pretty much anything on, our planners, our area books, the gospel library, morman messages, anything else on, and anything else a missionary would need.

I hope everyone's doing well, and enjoying the shorter days. It felt pretty good to get that extra hour of sleep last morning.

We went to a restaurant with a family. We all took pictures with the giant chicken they had out front

Cops & Doughnuts (this is a picture of me in front of Michigan's original Cop's & Doughnuts. There's a reason why they're famous out here. their doughnuts are heavenly)

Gettn' cold (here's us 3 getting ready to head out into the cold)

Have a good week!

Elder Candland

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