Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 19

We ran out of planners, so this week I've been using a memo-note book. It works. It isn't quite as nice looking, & it's a little extra work writing in all the plans.

 A lady in our ward fed us this week. She's awesome. We were supposed to have an adult male come with us, but he didn't show, so she packed the whole meal up. She made us roast ham, corn, salad, cornbread, & for desert she made cookies & marshmallow filled chocolate cupcakes! She was really sweet, & she did that, shopping & all, in one day.

Which reminds me, we had dinner with a member who had a party before, so he made us a LOT of food. And they had ice-cream and every kind of topping for desert.

 This week while on trade off's I was able to teach one of the other Elder's investigator. Twice. A then she was baptized that weekend! She's only 14 years old & wanted to take the discussions. She had been taught before by other missionaries, so everything was pretty much a review.

I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, that went well. She & her mom I think cried at least a little bit though out the baptism. It went very well.

During our district meeting, a couple people came into the church, I think they said they were looking for the food pantry. We ended up introducing ourselves & our zone leader talked to them about who were. And Elder Rhodes & Marley gave them a church tour. They said yes when Elder Rhodes asked if they could teach them.

Remember when I talked about seeing that Uhaul & helping that lady move. Well this week we've taught her the first 2 lessons. She told us that her friends talked to her about the Mormons. She told us if more than one person told her the same thing & seemed hateful about it, then it probably wasn't true. I'm anxious to keep meeting with her. I think the more she develops a better understanding of our beliefs, we'll see more commitment from her. Also she told us she was excited to read the Book of Mormon.

I don't have any new pictures this week, so I'll send something from weeks previous.

 I'll let you know how the meeting with Jeffery R. Holland & Elder Hallstrom goes.

1. Elder Bear


2. HUGE longhorn
3. goofy district
4. Trinity's baptism
Love Ya!
Elder Candland

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