Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 5

We had T-calls this week. I'm staying for at least another 6 weeks. This is a good area to be in, so I'm happy. The other Elder's are staying too, so we're all happy.

 Our top investigator, the one that's been coming to church, came this Sunday with his girlfriend! She seemed to like church, she talked with a lot of people.

They want to get married soon, so this week we'll have the Bishop come to an appointment with us so he can arrange something with them. It's pretty exciting!

We actually got a call from his mom this week, telling us that he needs a ride from the hospital. We were doing home teaching with one of the members so he drove to the hospital that night and picked him up. He had been in there all day. He told us he had a really bad tooth/head ache that morning,  to the point were he was crying and had to call an ambulance. He's been much better since then. 

One of our new investigators we taught the 1st lesson to, and played a game of horse with him. Of course Elder Davis won, he's pretty good at basketball despite his height.

One of the families in the ward gave us groceries again, that was awesome. Now we don't have to spend so much money! Also they kidnapped us that night and took us to a frozen dairy drive-through. They got Elder Davis & I some flurries, which were really good.

No exciting pictures this week. The 1st is a small valley that I thought was a river until I looked closer. All the ice melting around here has caused some flooding.

That 2nd picture I thought Kortney & Rylee would like. It's a car called wanda that we see driving through Saginaw.

I found some reading glasses today at a dollar store so I bought them. We'll see how they work.


We'll be going to Frankenmuth again today. It'll be Elder Davis & Marley's 1st time, we're excited.

I look forward each to hear from everyone, it's good to know how things are going. Hope everyone has a great week ahead.


Elder Candland

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