Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 12

We're back on bikes this week. The weather is warming up; in the past 2 days it's been in the 80's. Biking's only hard if we're in a hurry, if we're not our legs are fine.

It's been nice until about now. Elder Davis & I were able to go for a jog this morning, & when we got back to the apartment we saw thunder. The weather here can change really fast.

 We met someone this week who talked to us on her porch. We taught her the restoration, and she really liked it. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read from Mosiah 2. She told us it wasn't there. After looking at the pages we saw that most of Mosiah was missing!! (picture at the bottom) We got her another copy of the Book as soon as we could.


One other lady we met while knocking on doors we talked to for a little bit. When she told us she wasn't interested in learning more, she told us she has been through some tough times. Then she got teary eyed. Both Elder Davis & I wanted to cry. I think she got a little embarrassed and told us we could move on. We had a feeling we should got back and talk to her, but in the end we were only able to leave her with a pamphlet with our number.

Pday, like I mentioned, we went to Frankinmuth. I have some pitures of that I'll send.

One of the members took us out to lunch to this Asian food buffet. I really liked it, but I'm not sure Elder Davis did. I ate cooked baby squid right next to him, and by the expression on his face, he seemed horrified.

While we were finding one day, a lady answers the door speaking gibberish. She kept a pretty straight face, but I could tell she was just messing around. So we kept talking to her, and did an overview of the restoration, then she started talking to us normally. We left her with a pamphlet, and we'll try back again some other time.
Card tower. One night at the apartment I started playing with note-cards & got a little carried away.

Last thing I'll talk about is the baptism.

The other Elders had a baptism for Marcelo Saturday. All went well. Not many people showed, but we had our best Investigator come, and Marcelo's family came too. I gave the opening prayer, and Elder Davis gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. While we were waiting our ward mission leader had a discussion directed to Marcelo's family. He talked about Christ told parents that it's better to have kids involved in gospel meetings & be a little loud, then to not have them there at all. Then he told them about how Joseph Smith restored the church.

By the time he was done Marcelo was in the room. Then we had Bishop talk about how the church's purpose is to strengthen the family, and anything we do is to serve the Lord.

Before we closed Marcelo stood up and talked briefly. It was an awesome meeting.

It was good hearing you too. Sorry I just cut off, but I'll get to talk to you again Christmas.

Love you, have a good week.
Elder Candland

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