Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 28

So real quick, there was something I learned during our Elders Quorum meeting this Sunday. Concerning Heavenly Father´s plans for us; I´ve obviously seen what He has been doing for me lately.

In Elders Quorum, they were teaching the Elders about home teaching and it´s importance. They talked a lot about the missionaries and how they are like the missionaries for the Ward. I got the feeling lots of the Elders didn´t really feel like they could do a whole lot without a calling with special blessings or keys or being called to a specific area where the Lord has a plan for them. That´s when I realized it doesn´t have to be that the Lord sends you anywhere specific all the time. His plans are always changing depending on how we or others use our agency. It may not be that you were sent there, but I know that no matter where you are, the Lord will make some plans for you there, and he´ll get something prepared for you to do. For the Elders in the Ward, they may not have been placed in the ward just so they can home teach someone, but because they´re there, there have been other plans created for them to fulfill. That could very well mean Jordan too. Pass this on to him for me.

Alright, one last good missionary thing before I just talk about the fun stuff. So our two baptismal dates have been moved to a week later. We prayed several times about their date, and we felt like they needed more time. When we talked to them, we found out they definitely weren´t ready yet. It wasn´t that they weren´t understanding doctrine or had doubts, but that they just need more time. One more week is perfect. The daughter came to church and the girls her age were all over it. They sat next to her in Sacrament, invited her to church activities, and one is coming with us to teach them tomorrow night. The ward is so important when there are new people there. I don´t know how many members realize that.

 This week has been the hottest week of my life I think. We wake up and our house is about 85 degrees.   Meaning it cooled off 2 degrees during the night. It´s dropped off today though, but because the house is just brick and metal, it retains the heat a while, and we´ll need a few days to have a nice cool house. It hasn´t even been THAT hot out either. It´s been only about 95 during the day, but I´ve never been in slacks, black shoes, and a tie, walking around all day when it´s that hot out.

 One afternoon while we were sitting in some shade, an older guy walked past us and started talking to us. I´m not suere what his thought process was, but the conversation went about like this:

Him: Hi
Us: Hi
Him: Which church are you from?
Us: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Him: I go to a church just over there
Us: Oh ya
(He started to walk off)
Us: Good night
(He comes back)
Him: I´m a war veteran
Us: Sorry, what was that
Him: Feel this lump in my arm
(He pinches a lump in his back arm and we touch it)
Us: Woa, is that bone or something?
(He starts to walk off, but turns back around)
Him: Bullet
Us: What? Serious?
(He waves and leaves)

 Anyway, we looked at eachother and kind of laughed not knowing how his mind was working at the moment and then I said ``I think we just touched an old Brasilian´s arm bullet.´´

 Another day we passed by a drunk hobo laying on the ground singing to himself pretty loudly as he undid his fly and started peeing while laying on his side.

 Keep working on the scripture reading as a family. I tell lots of people to read as a family because I see  the blessings they´ll get as they read together. It´s pretty important for our investigators, so I would assume that it´s even more important for a member family. It´s a commandment to read the scriptures daily. The scriptures are the words of the prophets, therefore they´re the words of God. I know that every word in The Book of Mormon is there for a specific reason. Not a single word is there just because. With that said, I can´t imagine that God would have placed the scriptures down here just for us to read lightly, as a family or personally. They´re to guide us, so we should do our best to treasure them up constantly.

We have a transfer this Wednesday. We find out tonight what´s happening, but I´m really hoping we stay on more transfer. We´ve got two baptisms as well as several other promising appointments after Wednesday. 

 Anyway, the last thing. Mostly for Dallin and Dad. I had a sweet dream the other day. I was being trained to be a ninja. There was this ancient ancestor spirit guy training me because something big was happing between this realm and another, and only warriors with special abilities could be of use. I had a partner. He was a mummy basically. He´d been reincarnated to help fight this battle. He was pretty sweet since he´d been like the Prince of Persia in his past life. He was still a mummy, but had several magic abilities and was really good at running on walls, climbing stuff, and fighting with his two egyptian scythes. Anyway, he had to leave to go find some sort of artifact or something, and said I couldn´t come because I wasn´t ready yet. While I was still training, I was attacked by bad ninjas. I was able to take out two of them silently by using my stealth training, but one caught me and I used my newly attained swords skills to take him out as well. Then, the city was attacked by a couple collosi like from Shadow of the Collossus. I used my ninja grapling hook to climb up them and hit their week points. Anyway, the mummy guy returned and I was like ``Am I ready yet?´´ Then we set out on our secret mission, but I woke up.

 That ends this week. I´ll let you guys know if I stay or not next week. Also, how the work goes with our golden investigators. 

-Elder Candland

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