Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 30

Things are definitely getting better with my new companion. It´s still not super fun though. I´ve been praying a lot myself. I try to express my gratitude for my new companion in my prayers, and it´s helping a little. I think one thing I´m going to learn is to be really productive with our time. If we ever have down-time because of poor planning, it means I´m stuck trying to find something to do with him. If we can just work, work, work, then I can focus more on the work and the people than worrying about having an odd companion.

I got the package. The guy in the office told me it was a little wierd for him. Some random guy came up handed over the fence an opened box with my name scribbled on it. Since it was opened already he decided to look through it. Anyway, I freaked out when I finally had the guitar book. Whenever I have down time, I end up playing the 3 hymns I have memorized, but now I´ve been slowly learning other hymns. I´m a lot better than I was when I was first playing them at home. I don´t really have much time to play though. Today was about it. Then at night when we get home, IF we get home right at 9:00, I usually have about 15 minutes to play around. The Darth Vader box is a lot cooler than the chocolates tasted for sure. The crayons are helpful. I finally have something to mark scriptures with again while I study. Then there was one more thing I think.

As for the geneaology chart, I think what we have of the last 6 generations would be cool going back to my great-great-great grandparents.

Also, I have a few things to email Dallin, but I´m still not sure if I have his correct email or not.

Here´s a small thought really quick: So Elder Davis hates this cheese called catupiry, as well as the sound of babies crying. After he left, I noticed we were all of a sudden eating that cheese with our meals in the members´ homes, and the neighbors baby started crying a lot again (it had sort of stopped whining so much when he got there, but I figured it was just kind of stopped being such a baby, but I guess not). Anyway, the point is, he doesn´t realize that we ever had this cheese very often with members, or that the baby used to cry so much. I just wonder how many small little blessings each of us don´t ever really notice we´ve recieved.

That´s all. And some photos coming too. Nothing special.

One of our investigators has about 14 cats.

We fed them ground beef and they started going nuts.

That´s homemade lemonade. I made it with beets. It tastes like normal, really good lemonade, just with like this healthy ``dirt´´ flavor. I like it.
 This huge nasty spider that´s probably about the size of Rylee´s hand when it´s all stretched out.

Until next Monday.
-Elder Candland

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