Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 29

I guess that´s cool that Jordan and I will be getting home around the same time. For his sake, I still hope he can get back out to the field really soon.
Two requests really quick. I realized I´d like to have a family tree, as well as my priesthood lineage chart. If it´s possible, I´d like to get a priesthood chart in about 3x4 inches to fit in my little Missionary Handbook that I have with me always.

 Anyway, I stayed here. I´m training again. Elder Rocha is probably going to be my most difficult companion. He got here and pretty much started trying to train me. Not that he said I was doing anything wrong, but whenever I tried to help him learn a principle he doesn´t quite understand yet, he started trying to teach me something I had already learned in the MTC as well. He´s got a lot to learn about the work. He thinks he can pretty much kill anyone´s doubts with a scripture or logic. That´s not how it works. They need to be taught by the spirit to be convinced. We´re not here to convice; we´re here to invite.

Please pray a little extra for me. I´m going to hate the next 3 months of my mission if I can´t learn to like him.

Anyway, I got to see the two videos. Kortney looks a little older, and I really like Rylee´s breakdance splits. The pictures were fun too.

The zone and Elder Davis since he was the only leaving from the zone. Lame.

Elder Davis, Van, and I. Van was meditating I think.

That´s Van´s guitar too.

Some of the funniest grafitti art I´ve seen.

Some of the best I´ve seen.

Also, it this new elder looks like Andy Samberg.

That´s all for this week. It´s going to be a tough next week. I´ll talk to you guys next Monday.

-Elder Candland

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