Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 1

Well, I was transfered. I´m a little bummed. Elder Castillo was a good companion and the 3 kids from the less-active family we worked with were baptized this last Saturday. 

Anyway, I´m back in São Paulo. Jaçaná stake, Villa Sabrina ward. My companion is Elder Ruiz Diaz, another Uruguyan. I took it as a sign, so I started reading El Livro de Mormón (I´m in 1 Nephi 18 and understand about 90 of what I read) and I´m trying to speak Espanhol when we´re home. Our area has a lot of Bolivians, so I´d like to get a grasp on the language before too long so I can help them understand what I´m saying. It´s a little frustrating when they don´t understand Português since I´ve spent the last 1 1/3 practicing it.

Not a whole lot to talk about since I´ve only been here for about 4 days, but it´s been pretty decent so far. We have few investigators (for now). Elder Ruiz Diaz just ended his training and the it was the other Elder´s first area, so they weren´t doing everything they should have, most likely just because they didn´t know any better. I´m starting to feel like a pretty experienced Elder these days.

Anyway, we taught this awesome guy the other day. He lives in a very humble home with his small family, and he came to church with us yesterday. We marked to teach him at 4:00 afterward, and when we got there, we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, endure to the end) and he was like ``I´m ready to be baptized. Tomorrow if it were possible.´´ so we decided it a good idea to invite him to be baptized. Right on.

Anyway, until next week.
-Elder Candland

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