Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8

Conference was way good, from what I was able to watch. We had to work on Saturday, so we only got to watch the Sunday sessions. The talks Sunday were really good I thought, There was a lot good stuff that I got that I can use to help investigators and less-actives. Speaking of the new mission age, we've been talking with everyone about what's going to change as well. We've pretty much come to the same conclusions. I was thinking about how many more girls are going to be serving missions now. Now, I'd say to Shaini, Kortney, and Rylee instead of serving a mission if they feel like God wants them to, to plan on serving unless they feel like He has another plan for them.

I didn't mention much about the new area last week. First off, the house is pretty much a real house. First off, it's across the street from the church. We open our windows and the church is right there. If we ever need to talk to the ward leaders, we just wait until Tuesday night when everyone is there. The downstairs is a small living room with a couch and chair, and a small kitchen that has everything working. No broken sinks or stoves. Then, the stairs have carpet. I Don't know if you you guys can understand this, but for me it's awesome. I've seen very, very few houses here have carpet. Some people try and cheat by throwing down a nice rug, but it's not the same. Anyway, upstairs is the bedroom, a study, and then the bathroom. Everything upstairs is also working.

The bishop is our neighbor. He's from Texas. The members here really like to take care of the Elders. Every Sunday night we end the night at about 7:30 with a barbecue. The ward is great,  but the area is really difficult. We don't have many investigators yet. We try talking with people on the street, and few accept our message. I'm just used to being outside of the big city. Sorocaba was a lot friendlier.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I got nothing yet. After being on the mission for this long, there's nothing new to write about. Speaking of which I only have 1 more General Conference here in Brasil. 1 more Christmas. 0 Birthdays. And then a few days. Oh that's right, mom asked about when I'm coming home. I don't have a for sure answer, but I'd guess around May 29th.

About Spanish. I'm in 2nd Nephi 5 and I understand most of what I'm reading, but it's all gospel related stuff. As for idiomatic phrases and everyday stuff, I'm not so good yet. Speaking is also difficult. Anyway, that's it. Until next week.
-Elder Candland

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