Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 24

Sounds like a pretty fun Mariners game to me. The last game we went to was slow and not much happened. I´m kind of wanting to go to a soccer game down here sometime. It sounds like a little more fun. When I come back, I´ll have to get some tickets.

Cool deal about the baptisms out there. I´m not sure how the Everett Mission is, but out here, we pretty much have to mark about 5 dates before one gets baptized. Not trying to say this family isn´t going to be baptized. When people comes to church just all on their own, they´re almost always baptized. We also have some baptisms coming up soon. We´ve got 3 for sure this saturday. These 3, I´m super excited to see them baptized. We´ve been working with them for the last 3 months, and the dad just recieved the priesthood last Sunday. Both got callings yesterday, and we´ve marked for the dad to baptize his kids this Saturday. I really hope that their bishop lets them get sealed around May, because I want to be there. I don´t know if I´ll come down in July just after getting back.

The weather is back down to about 75 degrees, which kind of feels cold to me. Our shower broke about 3 weeks ago, so we were just taking cold showers during those really hot days, but when the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped to about 70, the water felt like it was about 35 degrees. A member just gave us his hold shower and I installed it (on my own I might add) last night. We got to take warm showers again. It just started raining here about 4 days ago. The day before, Elder Castillo and I started praying a lot that we could have some rain because it was REALLY hot. Not even kidding, it was near 100 degrees during the afternoon. Anyway, our prayers were answered, and we´ve been praying that we could have at least clouds to keep it cooler out, and so far, our prayers are being answered. I doubt that just we were praying though. I bet at least all of the other missionaries and most of the city were praying too.

Anyway, I´ve got some pictures to send now. No more lizards, but I´m curious if Lars like the last ones I sent.

This is Adrianna (the mom), Iasmin (the oldest daughter), and Emily. Adrianna is the lady who was baptized about 4 weeks ago. Iasmin and Emily showed me this game they play. It´s just rock, paper, scissors, but every time you lose, you have to spread your feet about 2 inches, but if you fall, you lose, and if you finally do the splits completely, you also lose.

We made Chileno hot dogs today. Completos. I finally understand what that kid from Kid History was talking about.

This is why they´re called completos. Because they´re complete. Hot dog, guacamole, tomato, onions fried up with chunks of bacon, hot sauce, cream cheese, and garlic.

I also just bought this sweet shirt. The collar is a zipper that comes out of the left arpit. Also, my legs are really white.

-Elder Candland

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