Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Well this week was okay. We didn´t have any cool stuff happen until the last 2 days. It was a long week, we worked hard, but there wasn´t a lot of success. We had interviews with President Martins this Wednesday. While I was waiting I was reading the missionaries little book ofanswers that you sent me, and President picked it up when I sat it down, read a little, said it was a bunch of crap, opened to another page, did the same thing, and then repeated a few more times. Then he told me to just not teach anything from that book. Either way, I´m still reading it. The beginning specifically says everything written in the book is the author´s opinion. I should have been reading Discourses of Brigham Young instead. President already recommended to the Elders to read that one. Specifically in English.

Anyway, I´m pretty jealous about the sweet trip through Seattle you guys got. I want to go to the EMP, Pike Place, Space Needle, Avatar Exhibit, and I just want cheesecake. I haven´t seen cheesecake here yet. It´s pretty cool out here in Brasil, but I don´t get to just walk around exploring. I definitely want to come back for the Olympics in Rio. Maybe even the World Cup. I´m more interested in the Olympics though.

Anyway, I guess the cool stuff that happened this week: first, there´s a boy we´ve been teaching, and his mom finally is going to let him get baptized. He´s really excited about it. I´m not sure if he actually understands everything about baptism, or if he just wants to be a member of the church really bad. Either way, we´re really excited. Second, we lost a couple investigators who just aren´t even trying to keep our commitments we leave them (not cool), but we scored a bunch of new ones that we´re really excited about. One in particular we met on the street with her little daughter. We asked if we could help her with anything and she said ``Don´t ask, I can´t even talk about it without crying,´´ then started crying and said that her husband got involved with drugs and left the house 2 days ago, has no idea wherehe is or if he´s even alive, and she´s also pregnant with their second daughter. Obviously we asked if we could pass by her house later that day when she got back home. Not only is she interested, but a few others that live above her.

Alright. That´s pretty much it I suppose. Transfers are this Wednesday. I´m not sure if one of us will go or if we´ll both stay. I´m hoping we both stay since I like this area a lot, but I don´t really know it very well on my own yet. I´ll let you guys know next week.

-Elder Candland

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